September 2011 Thread


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Sep 24, 2009
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September was basically a bust, 3-4 days left in September?


So, this month has really been a crap month for me. Working stupidly long hours, couldn't spend time on TAG or other projects I've been working on. On top of no time, I could not login to my account here because of some other stupid issue that should have been fixed long ago. (Yeah Chris, looking at you honey:mad:)

Another boyfriend has come and gone; couldn't deal with my work schedule. I've met some other real winners... winners of a short bus race up the side of Mt. Fuji.

Why must men drink so much? Drinking themselves stupid! Fuck no, I don't want to kiss you when you reek of alcohol and cigs. GrOsS!! :(

Ok, so, well as life would be.. got the money! got no life! Guess I will go home for an extended Christmas holiday this year. Really don't feel like staying in Japan this year.

Gosh, I don't meant to sound like such a debbie downer, but god things have been oh so not all rosy and colorful.

Oh and all of these tax changes:

I will, when I feel better.;)