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Sera @ Raku Gotanda


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Jul 6, 2013
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I've just come back from a meeting with Sera, and I would rate her thus:

Looks : 6/10 (mid 30's?, which I prefer, actually)
Body : 7/10 (stout, thick and firm... which I liked)
GFE : 7/10 (she made me feel I was her man for those few minutes)
Sex : 6/10 (decent, but no doggy, cowgirl, read below)
Massage: 8/10 (strong)

(would like to link the threads asking about her to this post; I wanted to make a new thread though, so it would be easy to find in the future)

I just flew into Tokyo this afternoon, and went straight to Gotanda Raku after an earlier business meeting in Kichijooji. This was my first time going, but I figured I had done enough research on this forum (thanks guys!) and went around 10pm right from the train station without making any calls. I just asked around a bit for the street once I got out of JR station, to make sure I was headed in the right direction, per the map. When I saw the sign, I headed into the building, took the elevator up, and pressed the button.

Mama-san took a look at me, and with an "irrashaimase", took me into a waiting area. Having previously stuffed 12000 into a bank envelope, I asked for the special course for 65 minutes, handed over the envelope, then waited as my girl was chosen for me.

Side note, I visit Japan often, and can speak enough Japanese to ask and answer questions, so I had no problems communicating my needs. I also prefer to do things with envelopes in such establishments (Mama-san let out an "erai ne" chuckle when she saw me do this)...

A few minutes later, Sera (whose name I got after the FS), popped in to say hi, and took me over to the massage room, where she promptly asked me to strip to my birthday suit. She immediately starts fondling my person, remarking about its size, which let me think she was game. Went into the shower, had some soap scrub, which felt really good BTW, since I'd been sweating since I got off the plane in this freakin' humid summer. She asked if I wanted to brush my teeth... I declined, since if we're going to DFK, the worst time to brush your teeth is right before action time IMHO. Nothing of interest happened during the shower, and we headed into the massage room.

There, I'm instructed to lie on my back. Sera goes out to shower and change from the tight one-piece dress into a towel, and returns to massage my member (more like pull and tug). After 30 seconds I pulled her on top of me to get a taste of her tits. Really nice C-cups that fit in the palm of my hand with some good-sized nipples. Did that for about a minute, then we lay side by side. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her, and caress her all over, and kiss her all over. Although she said she was "hazukashii", she seemed into it, though she kept reminding me the clock was ticking. I understand she's a busy business woman, but I didn't want to rush things, even if it meant the post FS massage wouldn't be too long.

We actually chatted about several things for almost 10 minutes as I caressed her soft breasts, firm ass, her tummy, and well trimmed vjay (loved the trim). All this time she's tugging my member, but it's not waking up at all since I'm in the moment of wholesome enjoyment (I wonder if she was feeling disappointed, because she kept jerking faster... too much business-like, and I wished she'd just let me enjoy her for a while). This is distracting me and I have to tell her several times to slow things down.

Soon enough, she manages to wake me up, slides on a rubber, and takes me in her mouth, whiles she tickles my thighs (I'm very ticklish and told her so), so she quits the tickles. I'm not into BJs, so 30 seconds later, I whispered into her ear "irette-mo ii?" just to be sure she understands what I'm about. She glides on some lube, tells me to get up while she lies down on the bed, commenting she was scared of my size (I keep insisting it's not that big), but she refused anything but missionary (not sure if it was me, the time, or that's just how she is).

I enter slowly, and it takes us about 2 minutes to get into the rhythm of things. She holds me tight to her firm body, and starts caressing my ears with her tongue (which I absolutely love), and I'm alternatively kissing her ears and nipples, while trying variations of missionary. No kisses on the lip; I didn't initiate and neither did she. I've had better, but she didn't disappoint with her body motions. Still it took me a while to finish, partly because I wanted to take things slow. I felt a bit rushed towards the end, as she kept reminding me of the massage.

After we finished, she takes me back for another shower, then back to the massage table. She goes to clean up, then returns to stand on my feet, back and shoulders for 5 minutes which felt good. She got me some oolong tea, and we have a few more minutes of casual banter and joking around (She claims she got hurt by some things I did and said, but I suspect it's just good business, and adds to the GFE)

All in all, a decent GFE; I think I'd want to try her again. Time well spent.
If it's a real massage I want, I'd go elsewhere though.

Thanks for the excellent review. I was wonder if Sera ever existed as I tried to go during the week and called ahead and asked for Sera and was told she was available, but got there and then mama-san said she was not available there. So maybe next time. If you think time was short try the longer course next time. Loved to hear about your other adventures should you make them.

Yeah, I might order a longer course... her standing on my back, etc. was rather nice, and I wanted it to continue.