Shibuya Garden - Yuzu And Sari

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    Title:Shibuya Garden
    Date/Time: July/Saturday Morning
    Yuzu and Sari
    Contact Info:
    Delivery Health
    Language Specifics:
    Spoke in Japanese No Japanese is probably OK
    Session Length/Fee:
    ¥32,00/65 minutes (half that for one girl) + ¥3000 for hotel
    Physical Description:
    Both slender and very young

    This is my first review. I have benefited from all the posts, so wanted to pay it forward a bit. Decided to try Shibuya Garden because they promote 3P on the web page - wanted to give it a try. I called a couple days ahead and asked (in Japanese) if they accept gaijin. I was asked what country I am from. When I said I was American, he said no problem and asked if I needed directions. The web page instructs to call when you get to the traffic light on Dogenzaka near the Deai Cafe, so I called. I thought they wanted notice, but basically he just wanted to give me directions. This wasn't necessary, but I let him guide me to the location. It is off the main road a bit and on the second floor above a bento shop. When I walked in I was shown 5 photos. I said I wanted the 3P option and he said there were only two available immediately that would do 3P. Those two were fine, so I paid. I waited in a side room for about 10 minutes. The tencho then told me to check in to the hotel that was immediately next door. He told me to check in as "Yamamoto" - they had made a reservation for me. Checked in and waited about 15 minutes before the girls showed. I suppose that all of this could be done with broken English and gestures. I don't think the shop would have a problem with a non-Japanese speaker. But of course it is much more comfortable for the shop and the girls if you can speak Japanese. Also, I don't think there is a need to call ahead of time unless you want to choose a specific girl. I never asked which nationalities would be objectionable but they were definitely OK with a Caucasian.

    Both girls were very young. I know Japanese look younger than their age, but these girls were truly young. Both were small with small breasts. Sari was the smaller of the two. The web page says Yuzu is an F-cup. Not even close. This was all OK with me, but beware if you care.

    They asked why I wanted to do 3P, and I told them the truth - wanted to try it once before I die. They laughed at the comment, but in general were very shy. Play was standard, but with two instead of one. They took turns washing me in the shower. Then DFK, HJ, BBBJ for the rest of the time. No play between the two (I didn't ask or request), no FS (I didn't ask or request).

    One thing that was unique - afterward they both walked out to the street with me and stood and waved goodbye until I turned the corner.

    I would use the shop again - especially now that I know the drill. Nothing particularly great or particularly bad about either of the girls. I wouldn't look for them specifically, but I wouldn't object if they were available.
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    Thanks for the review. I haven't used a Shibuya area service in awhile and this might be the place to try out.
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    Checked the page and looks interesting indeed. Definitely giving it try - thanks so much, fmorcef!
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    That's funny, maybe they really liked you? Often the ladies just kind of walk off politely but discretely, but sometimes things like that happen. I had one lady escort me to the station and kiss me goodbye.

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