Shibuya Touts Busted


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Sep 11, 2009
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A story in todays news from Shibyua:

JT said:
Nine people have been arrested for allegedly conducting street solicitation for an adult entertainment business in Shibuya, Tokyo, the Metropolitan Police Department said Monday. Yukio Yokozawa, 56, and eight others were arrested based on images taken from 10 surveillance cameras installed in the Dogenzaka district in March, police said.

They are the first arrests based on surveillance camera footage. According to police, Yokozawa tried on the evening of April 6 to lure a 36-year-old male passerby to an adult entertainment shop, saying the shop provides “real Korean services” for customers.

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Of course they were busted!

They were touting for Korean shops and the Japanese shops didn't like it.

Seems obvious to me since business is tight for all of those shops, cutthroat competition!