Shinjuku - Never Talk To Strangers


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Sep 11, 2013
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have you ever wondered around the kabukicho area at night then being approached by some japanese guy asking you where you headed or offers you a too good to be true bar/deriheru/strip etc.

my advice to you guys *dont entertain them* dont talk to them, or just say no and walk away. they are all scams. if they offer bars or clubs well maybe thats legit. but when *sex* comes to the topic. they are all scams.

pls be careful guys. my friend really had a bad one. hope you dont share the same fate.
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Hi guys, I was planning on posting an ancient review from my last visit to Tokyo as my intro, but saw this and had to comment that a friend returned from a trip last year with an absolute horror story to match this warning...
2 guys out for a night on the town, neither of them would admit they wanted to end up with company but both would have definately wanted some.
A little bit of bar/ club hopping and they were approached with the fabulous offer... Once inside after traipsing thru alleys the girls came over one or 2 at a time, drinks were flowing and life was great.. After a couple if hours one if the boys felt sick & declared he had to go, his mate did the mate thing and walked him to the front door and shoved him into a could be said he deserved what was coming/
When musketeer number 1 returned he felt an atmosphere change but kept drinking anyway, then a guy came over with a folder containing pictures and with some pressure attempted to cajole my pal into seeing one of the pictures, her room was very close. Sensing things were really not right he said he was leaving and went to settle the account. I don't know exact numbers but the bill he got was astronomical, he said that even if drinks wereY3k there was no way they could have consumed that, maybe he shouted the whole place all nite... He started protesting and the gents from other booths/ lounges who he had not looked twice at, or even really noticed began walking towards him a couple spoke and although he did not understand the words he knew he was going to pay ... He didn't have anywhere near the full amount in cash so handed over his c/c and was metaphorically sodomized. As he stepped out the door he broke into a run, after a handful of steps he heard someone say something including the word help, he looked around and the guy with the picture book was running behind him.. My mate said can u get me to where I will find a taxi back to my hotel, "sure sure sir "... "No problem come with me". They walked for less than a couple of minutes and the picture man said "in here". Still shell shocked from earlier events and copious amounts of alcohol he followed. Once inside he said no mate don't worry I'll find my own way, picture man said something to the effect of look u had a bad nite come and meet someone who will make you feel good again...inexplicably the genius thought things can't get worse, so he agreed to take s look... Up some steps and past a very large man inside a steel cage of some sort he followed, as he passed the cage the big guy thundered something in Japanese and my friend ponted to picture guy to say I'm with him, picture guy said u have to pay the room fee. Evan slapped down his wallet and every bit of cash was extracted and the wallet trien back, he turned and ran this time non stop till he found a taxi. Once in he said the hotel name and sat in silence till they arrived... In the driveway he pulled out the wallet and found it devoid of not only cash but cards as well.. He pleaded with the driver to accompany him to the room where he could borrow some cash from his mate. The driver did not understand and began pointing at the meter, One of the driveway attendants came over and translated the request, so off they went to the room. He opened the door to find another guy( also in the traveling party, but choose not to go out) in the room with the earlier leaver from the club who was in the bath after redecorating the room with his vomit for the past few hours. That guy had his drink spiked and since the stayer was nowhere near that out if it they concluded party boy must have ingested both doses during the merry part of the night.
So plenty of morals to be learnt but most importantly listen to the OP... Don't talk to strangers..
Over and out.
(Recounted here to the best of my memory, I heard it straight from the horses mouth, and don't doubt a word)
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The Japanese/Asian guys approaching on the street are mostly SCAMMERS.

The Japanese may LIE and say watch out for the Africans or Chinese, but it's a TRICK to get your trust.

1) If they show you a picture book of women, it's usually bullshit. They are enticing. They will try to get you to PAY IN ADVANCE.

Then have you wait somewhere and no woman will ever show up

2) If you will not pay in advance for women in the picture book, they will try to get you to come to one of the bars or clubs they are affiliated with.

These are often YAKUZA controlled bars/clubs.

They will promise you a woman from inside the club, BUT first you must pay a HUGE DOOR charge. From 30,000 to 50,000 yen. They will say this fee includes a woman, who you can choose inside the bar/club.

This is usually a lie. But sometimes they will let you have a woman, after paying an ADDITIONAL charge. Like 50,000 yen + another 30,000 yen. This will be for only 1hr with the woman. Basically make you pay 2X to 5X the normal rate for a ugly or diseased woman that THEY chose for you.

3) They may also have a woman come over to you, acting like a hostess and that she will go to a hotel with you LATER. AFTER you DRINK first. BUT her purpose is to SPIKE your drink and make you go to sleep.

After you pass out, they will STEAL your money and charge your credit cards.

Note- Africans will sometimes do this variation of the scam. It will usually be an African owned or managed club, with White women and non-Japanese Asian or half-Japanese women (like Filipinas, Thai, or mixed Asian). Both the Japanese and Africans pull this scam variation.

4) If you complain, when inside the club, a Japanese yakuza tough guy (African tough guy in an African managed club) can be sent to threaten or beat you up.

Sometimes, if you are not passed out or only drunk, they will claim you owe them a massive bill full of fraudulent charges. They may have you escorted to an ATM machine to give them money.
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