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Oct 24, 2010
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Kabukicho on the east side of the station is the most famous red-light districts in Tokyo and Japan. Walking through the area you will undoubtedly be approached by numerous touts. It is difficult to recommend places here, because of the turn over in businesses. Kabukicho also has some good bars and restaurants worth checking out.

Does any one actually have a map of this area to post for directional purposes
I guess I should have explained more, but I did not have a lot of time. My rationale is based on my own recon of the area. Most of the places in the entertainment district are very close to each other. So if you know where one places is like Asian Feeling or something, you can find other places like the Kirara Cafe. I just walk around and find the stuff, then I know where things are in general. That makes it easier to find later. Also, I got the idea that you have been in Japan for a long time. So that is why I really said that you did not need a map. I have been here for a while and I read about some hot spot in Japan and see the pictures of the place and then go walking around the general area and I usually can find stuff if they say which exit to take and how long it is from the exit. I hope that makes sense.

But like Chris said, if you are new here, then it is very confusing.
Need to add a big flashing red sign about the people of African-origin that are touting there.

A friend of mine almost got screwed royally by one of those places in Kabukicho. Beware...