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Oct 24, 2010
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Kabukicho on the east side of the station is the most famous red-light districts in Tokyo and Japan. Walking through the area you will undoubtedly be approached by numerous touts. It is difficult to recommend places here, because of the turn over in businesses. Kabukicho also has some good bars and restaurants worth checking out.

Does any one actually have a map of this area to post for directional purposes
We'll draw up a map and post it for future reference.

Just a reminder: Use CASH in Kabukicho, don't bring your credit cards or try to use them.

You could wind up with astronomical charges on your card, that you don't remember charging. :eek:
I have wandered through here on numerous occasions, looking for the equivalent of the Motown in Roppongi (ie a bar full of freelancers), or at least somewhere I can get straightforward uncomplicated sex with a half-way attractive woman (or newhalf). I've never found it. I've found peep shows, live strip shows, typical hostess bars, super expensive hostess bars, buy-me-a-drink bars. I've even found some straight sex places, complete with elderly toothless Chinese & Korean peasants. I've yet to find anything worthwhile, and have had to contend with every Nigerian tout in Japan during the process. I give up - unless any knowledgeable board member can point me in the right direction, I'm giving up on Kabukicho and heading up to Shin Okubo instead. There is definitely something in the air in Shin Okubo that tells me that many of the girls on the street are working - I just need to crack the code... lol