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Jan 29, 2013
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Hey guys,

My friend and I are travelling through Tokyo end of March. We have a short 3 night layover in the City.

I'm working on an itinery, and would welcome any recommendations for small bars and/or pubs that may be worth visiting?

We'd be looking to check out some bars with live music, maybe a mix of locals and expats? We're both single guys, so would like somewhere lively.

I've been looking at Shimokitazawa, and that's the type of scene we'd be down with. We're both super tattooed, hope that's not a dealbreaker..

Not interested in clubs, hostess bars, strip joints etc.

Our hotel is in East Shinjuku, any local haunts around there worth stumbling into?

I'm not a live music guy but "what the dickens" in ebisu 3 blocks from the station, has live music often and if you can't find a hot women near that station your blind. Just about every porn star is plucked in or near that station.

The bauhouse in roppongi is also a institution.

I'm more of a minato and shibuya ward guy so can't help near shinjuku.
Hi first post here but lived in Shimokitazawa for a few years, lots of small rock and interesting bars, Duke chain are good and play rock on vinyl, Bar Mother is nice and weird, Never Never Land is very boho, Shelter and Club Q do regular live music, couple of good French eateries (Petit Dedut and La Villa) that usually have a few expats around if you need advice or pointers. What I would say is that it can be quiet midweek in the spring months.