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So.... About Women...


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Aug 10, 2013
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To start I am very shy and I don't tend to just talk to any girl on the street, way too shy for that.

My friends back home aren't very social either so even if I wanted to go to one of those social gatherings to maybe get some experience with talking to girls I can't. I have a bad habit of not going to those places alone.

Needless to say, even talking to a J-girl would be nearly impossible for me. Nor do I see myself actually living in Japan so maybe that isn't the best option either.

I know I need practice, but maybe some advice here would also be helpful.

Thanks a lot guys!
I got into the P4P thing because I'm pretty shy around women, I tend to be pretty busy, and I also have way too high of standards when it comes to feminine beauty.

Most of it comes down to confidence, and things like going to social gatherings and bars with a wingman or in a group is one way to give you some confidence. Having a drink or two is another way. Your confidence isn't going to grow until you have some success.

I think one of the biggest mistakes is that guys put so much meaning behind talking to women. They jump to the final step, where "talking to this cute girl = having sex with her", which is a big mistake. The key to confidence is a) relax, b) if you see someone you want to talk to, go talk to them immediately -- if you wait to think it over, you'll talk yourself out of it, c) don't jump to the final step, just go say hi, be yourself, and get to know them, and d) look at it from their point of view, too -- they are there to socialize, talk to people, and maybe meet a guy. They fear rejection just as much as you do.

I'm certainly no PUA, but I think my 'random chatting up women' skills have improved a lot because when I go out, I make an effort to strike up conversations with people. Women, men, hottie Japanese women, ojisans, whatever. Sure there's still times when I'm pretty shy around women or people in general, but the more effort I make the better I get. Good luck.