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Soapland enquiries :)


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Mar 2, 2012
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hey guys!

i've been following this forum for a bit and read up on the soapland info.

i'm planning to go to tokyo and pay yoshiwara a visit next month for some fun times :)

i'm just curious about the procedures involved.

I think i can pass off as looking japanese (asian background) and i can speak conversational japanese, do you think that would be enough to get me into the NGF places?

when you go in, do you pay the front and then pay the girl as well? or how does payment work

and during the whole process how does it go? i.e. wash down, soap clean, then FS? do you have to initiate the FS? or do they just go into it?

also is there much talking involved with the companion?

thanks in advance guys! :)
Dear jwang888,

definitely you should read the following thread:

there so much information that, hopefully could answer all your doubts. By the way, following
that thread, i decided today take a look in one of these places in Yoshiwara. I am a little tired now,cbut i will write (maybe tomorrow) a review about my experience today with much more details; now i will just go quickly: I would suggest you to give a try to one of these places, i think is worth.
Answering some of your questions:
1) you pay in the desk in the entrance after chose the girl from some pictures (you do not pay to the woman)
2) my place was absolutely gaijin friendly (i can't speak japanese and my face is caucasian).
3) of course, you can talk with the woman if you want/can; in my case my conversation was very short because the barrier-language.
4) you do not have to iniciate nothing, just relax and let the women work for you: in my case even she decided at some point, that it was good time to "pass to the action", so she prepare the condom and introduced herself my "weapon" in her pussy. You just relax and enjoy, and let her to wash you, FS you and whatever she want to do with you.
cheers for the reply astrako!

your post is really informative and helpful and answered exactly what i wanted to know :) thanks a lot, i appreciate it!

ah that's great, looking forward to the review, if it's good ill try the same place

i was just confused about the pricing, as they say tehre's entrance fee, do you pay that to the guy at the front and then pay him again for the service?
Ok, i will answer that question and i will finish my review (sorry i was busy last days); my place was something like "kings" or pretty similar. I just chose this one because i read some positive reviews before about it, but i am sure there is no so much difference between that places in that street: there are so many of them very close, so its hard to believe that they offer something very different.

Ok, replying your question: i remember that they offer me 3 prices, 35000, 40000 and another higher (sorry not remember exactly); the services are the same , it just change the time duration. I paid 40000 yen for 100 minutes. I think is reasonable and it should be similar in other locals. You enter the local, and they show you pictures of available woman; one you decide one you want, you pay the money and go to one waiting room to wait for your lady. You just pay one time man, don't worry about that.

Now the review:

Well, i am agree that is a "must seen" place in Tokyo, just like the liberty statue in New York or the Eiffel tower in Paris. You should try at least one time. I also agree that it sounds a little scrip style: that could be great for shy people or passive people. I am very active, so i prefer take the leadership in that situation; but, at least one in life is a great experience to just let the responsibility to the woman completely in the sex.

Ok, so after you chose from pictures your lady and pay, you wait siting in a good sofa looking television: the tv channel was horrible (they trying make jokes), but at least i got smile with a monky trying to get a crack in the beach. They provide you some ice tea to wait the lady more comfortable (around 10 minutes of waiting, maybe 15, no more).
Then, they say you the lady is ready in the stairs: she go up with you and come in to your room. Now she take off your clothes: as i told in previous post, she will do everything for you, you do not have to think neither take action if you don't want. So, this woman take off my clothes like my mum many,many years ago did :)
after that, she took off her clothes, and you go to the famous chair. She wash you there nicely and move you to the hot tub; the water is delicious in temperature there. Then, she go inside the tub with you and practice you bare BJ. After that, going to the air bed for the oil massage (or glicerine, i don't know what is but is so slippery ).
The air-bed for me was the best: something new for me and at some point she made me something that i never tried.: there is a moment she elevate your ass with her legs (you are lying with your head looking down), and she start to move so fast her fingers around your "X area" (the balls and limiting zones); it was a surprise for me, that i always mute in sex, to hear myself doing crazy sounds of placer. That moment is the MOMENT: please enjoy it as much as you can.

After that she put you condom and you start intercourse in the air-bed. After that, you clean in the hot tub (she will dry you with towel), and she offer you a drink. We drank some coffee. After that, you have intercourse again in the bed: she was good working in the top, great technique! She said her name was Airis (artistic name of course, because she was japanes). Well, because i am so strong in sex and previous days i have plenty o sex with myself, i should to pop using my hands and asking the lady to put one finger inside my ass hole: that trick never fails, i just use it as the last resource when i am rush on time and i see the time is almost over.

About the woman, she was around 24-26, normal face, not so good but no bad; unfortunately she was a little overweight (5-6 kg over her good weight). Its true that they do some photoshop work with the pictures, because she looked very nice in the picture i saw, but its ok for me. When i chose the picture, i was offer just 2 options: there were many other pictures of women, but they were reserved. its normal that if you chose between the 2 only women available, that is because they are no so good. My advise is that, whenever possible, you check in web page of these kind of places (they uses to show several pictures of the woman so you can see if it is actually a good one), and you reserve appointment in advance by calling them. If you do same like me you will receive for sure the worst women in that place.

In summary: for me a interesting new experience: woman not very nice for my fault (no reservation), i am sure there are gorgeous women there. A place to try something different that you use to, and amazing discover the "fast fingers massage": indescribable, you will roar like a lion when you receive that massage.
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WOW! thanks so much astrako!

that was an amazing and extremely informative review :)

i can't thank you enough!! thank you so much !!
Your very welcome.
i confirm that the place i visited was "King's club".
Hi guys,
was in tokyo last october and was in a soapland, but unfortunately for me, there were no oil massage (nuru) just bath and sex...
So i will try again next time.
Could you please give me the adresse of the king's club ?
Great post Atrako. Never been to one of those places in Tokyo, but have been in Thailand, sounds very familar, but you don't pay as much there.
Guyz,just wondering. Basically there is 2 happy session, but whn they give u the first bj, was it bj till happy ending? Or just stop before it come and go for massage?
Guys, I'm another newbie here. Just arrived in Tokyo last 2 weeks.

I decided to post here since it's related to the forum thread. Have anyone tried AAA Fuzuko? Are they gaijin friendly?

Thanks in advance.
It's not related to this forum thread.

That page is a directory of different fuzoku shops (not just soapland, but also delivery health, etc, etc).
It's not related to this forum thread.

That page is a directory of different fuzoku shops (not just soapland, but also delivery health, etc, etc).

Ok meiji san, sorry for not following this forum thread.