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Mar 4, 2011
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I'm heading to the Mandarin, or one of their other sister-soaplands, in the next week. Has anyone had any experience with them, and if so do you have anything you can share?

Any others I should consider instead? I don't mind paying up a bit for higher quality girl / experience. I speak Japanese, so would it be better to just window shop to find something?


Haven't been to Mandarin but just a word of caution, the 30000yen listed on website is just fee for using the soapland (or sort of entry fee), actual total cost (inclusive of service) is around 50000yen on average. It's really exp imho but since u mentioned that u don't mind paying more, can try and pls do post a review (quality of girls, service etc). It would be great use to guys like me who are tempted to try one of these high-end soaplands but reluctant to pay so much without much knowledge or reviews about the place. Enjoy and thanks in advance :)
Thanks Kawaii. It looks like at the Orchid (a sister soapland in the Mandarin Group) they are doing a promotion now that for 45,000 (all in) you get 130 minutes service. I was told via email that the 10,000 yen gaijin tax is still in place. So you're right it's expensive...55,000 yen all in. We'll see.
If you want to cut down the cost slightly, can visit yoshiwara btw 9am to 12 noon in the morning. Most of the soaplands have early morning special rates which can be around 10000yen cheaper. However, choice of girls may be limited.

Do you look asian or even japanese? Since you can speak japanese, can try your luck in getting the local rates without paying the gaijin tax. Might even get you into places not usually open to foreigners, I've heard the locals get the hottest girls.