Soapland Or 2 Girls Of Hipness


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Dec 1, 2013
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I wanted to go crazy during my trip to Japan and my idea was to try 1 girl from AM, 1 threesome with girls from AM, 1 european girl (especially from the east), 1 soapland and 2 girls of Hipness. Unfortunately, the budget changed and now I am only targeting for sure to 1 girl from AM and the european girl (maybe I will try Kitty :) based on the reviews here). Now, I will have to choose between one time in a soapland or two girls for Hipness (I'd like to try 1 Thai and 1 Filipina). What do you say? Would the soapland really worth it? Any advice will be helpful!

I am sad regarding the threesome!! :(:(:(:(
This is not a review. Please post in the Questions area in the future.

As far as your choices, it really depends. A soapland is something that's pretty uniquely Japanese...I don't know if you are going to get super-erotic, girl on girl sort of thing if you go with a 3some from Hipness, although you never know. I think your chances probably go down some if you take two girls from different countries. Whatever you do, enjoy, and please write a review!.