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Jan 29, 2013
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hi guys,

First time poster here, heading to Tokyo for a very short stay ( 3 nights) end of March.

I'm not really interested in hostess bars, or an escort service but I do want to take a visit to a Japanese soapland.

Can anyone recommend the name of a soaplands that accept foreign visitors? My friend can speak Japanese, but we're both super white.

We're staying near Kabukicho. Hopefully somewhere within walking distance.

Any idea on rates, even a quick review would be awesome.

Cheers - appreciate the help.
There's some soaplands in Shinjuku, but I don't know how many of them accept foreigners. You are more likely to get action in Yoshiwara, I think mainly because it's relatively harder to get to, and thus has to work harder to get customers.

My suggestion is to look through some of the sites (try to find a girl you like, and then email or call them to ask if a particular girl will see foreigners -- even at 'foreigner-friendly' soaplands, not all the girls are willing to see foreigners.

Rates are going to vary wildly depending on the place, whether they add a 'gaijin tax', and the length of visit. They run the gamut from ¥20,000 up to ¥70,000 or more. Generally the charge on the website is just an entry charge, so make sure to ask what the total price is.
Thanks Meiji - appreciate the feedback!

As we're only there for a long weekend, I'm trying to get as much info pre-trip as possible. This link is great. I'll take a look at Yosiwara soap.

Don't want to just wander around the city looking for 'action' as it's my first time in the City and we have a lot of non-perverted things to do too. Ha.

If anyone else has had a nice experience at a no-fuss, Gaijin friendly joint that's easy to find then I hope to hear it.