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Softbank in Central Tokyo - Improvement!


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Sep 24, 2009
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Something I have noticed during my visits to the Tokyo station/Nihonbashi areas...

...I have steady bars! (cell phone signal bars, that is!)

I used to lose connection or just have no signal at all in certain areas in that general district. Today, I noticed that it has improved. I didn't lose my connection in the elevator and usually when I'm around the 15th floor, I had to previously walk around in a circle until I got a decent signal.

That all seems to have changed in this specific area. (I usually come here a lot for business...)

Could Softbank actually be fixing their reception issues!?! We will see...
It is just luck!

I have problems with Softbank in really odd spots that don't make much sense. Either way, there are times when my NTT phone (work) does not have a signal and my Softbank (personal) phone does.

You know, stand on your toes and touch your nose to get a signal kind of thing.
It is just luck!

Isn't everything? :p

One of my family members in the states has AT&T. Worst. Service. Ever. Period.

A j-girlfriend has emobile for keitai service, she hates it. NTT and Softbank are tops I suppose.