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Some help for Soapland


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Mar 10, 2012
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Hi guys.

I'll be in Tokyo within 2 weeks and i'm very interested in soapland.

I found 2 site on the net but as i don't read kanjis, i ask your help if you know these places.

Wanna know if they are gayjin friendly (i'm french)
And how much is the final price.

1 * Happy Matto :
Prices seems to be not really expensive.
And there are prices too on the girls pages. Is this extra fees for a full service with the girls ?

2 * Halloween :
The 40min from10:00 to 15:00 seems to be a "all inclusive service" for 12000Y etc... but what are the 2000Y writed under the table of prices ?
On the girls pages, there are no prices more...

Well, these are my questions.
If someone can help me, i'll really appreciate.

If you have other adress cheaper, i'll take too ;)
Damned, i just saw i made a mistake during posting.
Why does my topic as been in 3 ??

By the way, no answer for me :eek: