some questions before I go to Tokyo

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    Hi Guys!
    I will be in Tokyo from Dec 20th to Dec 24th.

    I want to find a nice girl to spend some time with.

    I checked some websites and finally found this forum.

    There are a lot of information here and I learned a lot.

    Now I have a few questions.

    It seems Asian Mystique is the most popular agency here.
    I like tall and slim girls. Is there any girls like that in AM?

    also, I have found an agency called Tokyo Angels,
    a little bit expensive, but pics on the website are like top level.
    I wonder if anyone has tried that one before and has anything to share?

    Thank you so much!
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    As you've commented elsewhere, Emma may be your best bet for tall and reasonably slim. Unfortunately for you, Asian girls aren't known for their height. I'd suggest contacting Asian Mystique directly regarding availability- they are really good at responding and will know what Emma's schedule is later this week.
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