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AM Sora of AM: Review


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Jun 30, 2011
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I decided to try AMs latest addition, Sora, and I was not disappointed. For those like me, who mourn Satsuki's departure to Osaka and her subsequent apparent retirement, Sora is the lithe little lolita for you.

She arrived on time and we made our way to the love hotel. Advertised as 32, she could easily pass for 22 in looks, but she is more worldly in attitude. Her English is quite reasonable and as we walked she told me she'd joined AM to save money for a new motorbike. I think her face is quite cute, maybe not as cute as Satsuki, with a singe discrete piercing below her mouth.

Once at the hotel we showered and I got my first look at her body. She is small in all the right places, petite and slender-limbed, with small breasts and hyper-sensitive nipples. She is also totally shaven below. She has cascades of long black hair, dyed brown at the tips. Shower play was fun, a nice soapy hand job to completion.

I'd opted for the school girl costume and it suited her a treat. Like Satsuki, she responds to gentle touches and is not into DFK, but prefers light kisses with a little tongue. She was wet throughout and groaned as I enjoyed DATY before mounting. Her pussy is very tight and muscular and it didn't take long for my second pop.

After a chat I soon wanted her again, DS this time. I slowly disrobed her of the uniform, enjoying all of her body in the process, before mounting from behind. My third was surprisingly quick. That pussy is so good!

Attitude: 8. She is a bit of a clock-watcher, but friendly and fun.
Service: 7. No blow job at all. I wasn't disappointed by that and if I'd initiated I am certain she would have complied. I just wanted to fuck her. So, I can't vouch for BBBJ or CIM. Definitely next time.
Body: 10. Fabulously petite and soft-skinned. My type from head to toe.
Face: 7. Not super-cute, as I said, but attractive enough.
Highlight: Her pussy!

I will definitely repeat and I recommend Sora to anyone who enjoys the smaller girl. Go on, help her buy her motorbike!

Happy punting!
The positive review might help her buy 10 motorbikes! Great review. I'm an ass man but if the pussy is that good then I don't care if she got a bubble. I gotta get in that
Thanks for the great review, mawjav! The lack of BBBJ confirmation is a bit of a concern for me though

Sora is the first AM girl to really catch my eye in some time. I'm one of the guys who laments Satsuki's departure.

Guess I'll have to make an appointment with her the next time I'm in town and see for myself!

Nao also looks interesting. I love mature women like that.
I didn't ask about bbbj directly, but AM said Sora is not ok with cim/cof.
Hey mawjav,

You are still my hero! I only wish I could perform like you, but I do find real consolation in the fact that you inspire me to greater heights, and that I am having immense fun just trying :)


Hi Kitsune,

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, I'm not in Japan now, due to work. But hopefully I'll be back in town "performing" again in the summer!

Enjoy the cherries!
My experience with Sora pretty well echo's mawjav.

I'm not sure she's a clockwatcher, but her phone alarm is pretty loud!

btw she did BBBJ wonderfully. .. will definitely repeat.

A clear 9/10.
Hi, I just had my second date with Sora and I'm happy to confirm her BBBJ skills are excellent. TTFN (Yawn)