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AM Sora of AM, reviewed


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Jun 4, 2012
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First a little background to set the stage, and perhaps your expectations. Sora was my first AM girl, and one of my top choices (the others being Yuko and Mako). I'm quite partial to slim girls, though not necessarily petite, but equally important to me is a friendly and sexy attitude. Analysis of the reviews of other lovely TAG members suggested that Sora and Mako fell into the slim category and Yuko into the attitude category, with availabilty being the deciding factor.

I probably needn't mention that Sora arrived on the dot, chose a nice (reasonable, not extravagant) love hotel, and otherwise took excellent care of all incidentals. Worth mentioning however is that she walked me to my train gate afterwards, which I found a very considerate touch, particularly for a first date!

Physically Sora is extremely petite, moreso than I'd anticipated given her pictures. She's really tiny, in every way, which is quite fine by me but something you the reader may wish to consider. I wouldn't say she could pass for 22 as another reviewer said, but she certainly has a lovely, smooth, and firm body! And perhaps I should point out that she is proportionate and healthy looking, just very petite.

Sora starts out pretty shy and passive and definitely needs to be lead. That's been my experience with most Japanese women though, and she warmed up quickly. Although I needed to do the driving Sora was quite vocal, making it easy to know what she enjoyed, and despite being very petite she appeared to have no trouble with my size or any of our activities.

Between sessions we cuddled and talked, I wouldn't call her the chatty type but neither was the conversation one-sided and her English was quite good. From the end of the first round till the end of the date she was snuggly and affectionate, and I genuinely felt that she was happy and enjoying my company.

Another reviewer mentioned that Sora was a bit of a clock-watcher, which caused some hesitation on my part prior to making a choice. However I'm happy to report that she absolutely did not give me that impression. When her phone alarm sounded we were lazily cuddling and she was in no hurry to get up. In fact I had to suggest getting up for a quick shower after the second or third alarm.

In summary, Sora gets two thumbs up for being an excellent GFE and I will look forward to seeing her again!