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Sep 11, 2012
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So I new to this hobby and trying to get my bearings - mainly trying to avoid getting ripped off, infected, etc and trying to maximize the potential for a good time. Obviously TAG is a good resource - are there others that cover Tokyo? I've seen TER but the info looks old, so if there are other resources out there- online or otherwise - could people please advise?Many thanks,

Ps if I've broken forum rules - sorry
Here, or ISG. There's a major distinguishing factor for maximizing your potential, and that's how well you know Japanese, for two reasons:

First, there's all kinds of information available about mongering in Japan if you can read Japanese. 韓国デリヘル カンデリ生写真館 ~パネマジを吹っ飛ばせ!~ and AV are two examples of that.

Second, the number of "legit" places in Japan that both service foreigners with no Japanese ability, and aren't a total ripoff I can count on one hand. Most of the reviews for places that service foreigners are going to be for the same places:

Asian Mystique (Japanese outcall delivery- deriheru), Hipness (Thai/Filipina deriheru), Hinomaru and Ichigo, which are pink salons (BJ bars), and then the other occasional rub and tug place (such as Asian Feeling), or massage place that provides FS (like Himawari), and you have soaplands which arguably will provide service for non-JP speakers, but they don't exactly cater to them.

There's other places that I see discussion of occasionally like Club Boo or Nasty Dolls or what have you, but those places are some combination of so rarely discussed anywhere and/or don't update their website and/or overpriced that I don't lump them into the category of mainstream foreigner friendly providers.

In between these and the Japanese sex shops that are absolutely NOT foreigner friendly are other places that are happy to service foreigners if they speak Japanese, or deriheru places where the org might care, but the girl doesn't.

Now, I've found in the few years of my hobbying career that there are some cases where a provider goes unreviewed because guys like to keep a good thing to themselves- it keeps prices down, and scheduling remains pretty easy. That goes double for mongering in Japan, where it's not just a high-quality provider they want to protect, but also whether the org will continue to allow foreigners. There's been lots of cases where someone posts a review on a new place that was foreigner friendly, and a bunch of idiots go in there with no Japanese or no respect for the Japanese way of doing business, or treats the provider like crap, and that shop all of a sudden no longer allows foreigners.

It's a generalization, but it only requires one asshole to ruin it for everyone else. If you look at the bottom of TAG's front page, you'll see probably that guests are 10x the number of registered users, and there's probably a similar multiplier effect on other boards out there. I'm not saying that all guests are assholes -- hello to all the non-contributors out there! -- just that the 'community' that we are writing reviews for isn't just the registered users you interact with regularly here and on other boards, but for the consumption for everyone else that anonymously uses review boards for intel as well.

Hence, I'm sure there's quite a few places out there that are foreigner friendly, both for Japanese speakers and non-JP speakers, that people don't post reviews about, and a big part of that is that they don't want that shop closed to them in the future. I don't think there's really a solution for this, other than sharing information among 'valued contributors'. As long as current conditions last in Japan -- that is, it stays a somewhat racist society, a somewhat rule-based society, and P4P clubs remain in the grey zone of the law -- you aren't going to see a bunch of high quality, decent priced shops available for foreigners.

Sorry for the rant. :) I get frustrated by the lack of intel, as well, but my solution is basically to work on my Japanese to the point where I don't need to worry about English language intel -- it's not there yet, unfortunately.
That is a great response. I have been wondering about the logic of posting a review - after all it will simply work against you of thousands of mongering hoards descend on the fair maiden.... It's counter intuitive. I guess there are just informal networks behind this and other sites where people trade information with those they trust. And it sounds like in Japan - you better trust or like someone major to share a good, reliable, cost effective lady. So the issue for the new hobbyist is obviously something like you need to pay your dues or get brought in by someone with good contacts.... Or just pay through the nose for the AM-type service and suck it up.

Here is another question-how much Japanese is required? Maybe someone can create a hobbyist phrase book (hopefully not a Hungarian Phrasebook a la Monty python-

Just an idea...

Well, the point of my diatribe up there wasn't to say "don't post reviews", to be honest. I'm pretty cautious about the hobby -- I doubt I would have ever gone through with starting up my hobby experiences if I wasn't confident in what to do and what not to do in a particular type of session. And I generally try not to book with a girl or an agency until I know they are legit and/or I'll have a good experience.

I do think information exchange is important, even if it's to recommend a particular agency if not recommend a particular girl. It's kinda up to the individual to decide -- I mean, I tend to not repeat a lot with one girl, so if she gets busier due to my review that's usually okay with me. That's one of the reasons I try to give back when and how I can.

As for the Japanese phrase thing- I think it's a good idea at least in terms of research, ie, when looking at a website, knowing what type of establishment it is (deriheru vs soap, etc) or knowing how much extras cost (does cosplay cost extra?). Some basic phrases make sense, too, but for places that require at least some Japanese beyond, say "I'm sorry, my Japanese is pretty horrible - can I see a girl tonight here?" or something to that extent I think that you can't just write a phrase book that someone fresh off the plane from Narita can use to call up and have a girl delivered via outcall. I know from first-hand experience (and frustration) that it's more important to know what they are saying than what you say. I'll think on the phrasebook thing, though.
I wasn't saying that you were suggesting people shouldn't post - it's just the logical result of the incentives of mongering. If you have a good thing- why would you share unless other people provide like reviews. So it'd unlikely that anyone would want to be the first sharer... That's all.

That said - I'd like to know of any discreet, low price, high quality, very gfe, beautiful independents who love their jobs and want to get it on 24x7. Thanks.... [insert wry smiley face]
Oh, well, if THAT'S what you are looking for, let me get out my list! :)