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May 21, 2012
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My first post here. Congratulations on maintaining such an interesting and informative site.

About me: Australian based businessman. I frequently visit Singapore, HK, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Company restructuring means I will now have the "pleasure" of monthly visits to Japan as well. Thus I have searched and discovered this site. Obviously, I need to do more homework because I'm unable to understand how the process of procuring an escort really works. So I have a few questions:

1. I usually just try to pick up a "non-paying fare" so to speak. In most countries mentioned above I can usually meet a girl in a department store, cosmetics department etc. and ask her out. Of course, I sometimes spend 2-3 hours trying to find such a girl but after a number of visits to any destination I might have 2-3 girls to choose from. What are Japanese girls like in this regard? Would I be wasting my time or am I likely to find one or two who are interested in trying sex with a gaijin?

2. With regard to Health Clubs, Soaplands, etc: do these places not offer FS or anal sex? I see nothing more than BJ, HJ, breast fuck and other "rubbing" services. I'm very much a FS/anal punter. Is it simply not spoken for legal reasons?

3. I get that many services are no gaijin friendly. Is there a simple list of friendlies? I can use japanescort.info, who can arrange an escort in Tokyo but the agency is actually based in Australia.

4. I've seen photos on the net of an establishment that has theme rooms, such as train carriage, restaurant booth, etc. Are there any such places that are gaijin friendly?

5. BDSM: with all the Japanese porn on the subject, I'm surprised I couldn't find one when searching the net. Are there any that cater for dom males, ie: the girl is submissive? I can use AsianSlave.biz, which is based in Sydney and I have used before. They have several girls in Tokyo and Osaka, but is there anything else available in Tokyo?

6. Generally, what are the laws on the sex industry and pornography? I mean, legal age of consent, legal and illegal activity, etc?

7. No, I don't want sex with a blow-up doll (saw that one on TV), a machine, or an on-line gaming character!!!

Thanks for your patience. I hope to become a contributor here.

For any info on the sex industry in the above-mentioned countries please feel free to PM or email me.


I'll try and help a little and hopefully someone else can fill in on anything I don't know.

1. Picking up women in Japan doesn't sound as easy as some other Asian countries. I have thought about trying this myself but after researching I was kinda put off the idea.

It's not impossible and I know that I've read of people who have picked up several girls during even stays of only 3 or 4 weeks. However, there are also plenty of stories of guys having no luck or having to work hard for it. I think that mostly it depends on how much time you have and are willing to spend for this pursuit.

Notable things I've heard are that if you don't speak the language well this can make it much harder and that many of the women like to be romanced so that you might have to go on 2 or 3 dates before getting any action. So luck will play a part. You may get a girl who just really wants to have sex with a foreigner or you might get one who isn't sure and wants to be persuaded.

Japanese women are often interested in talking to foreign men as I have found myself but then the rest is up to you. I have had plenty of pretty women talk to me over the various times I was in Japan but even the one's that complimented me never made an effort to take things any further.

2. Regarding the Health clubs, Soaplands and various other such establishments, I'd recommend that you check the listings on here and do your research carefully. Although these don't interest me, I did still read about them out of curiosity and I saw that it seems to be very hit and miss as to whether you will get FS. Some clubs seem to just not do it but some even it seems it can vary from girl to girl. You would need to select one that has confirmation from other foreigners of providing FS or just hope for the best and be prepared that you might not get what you want.

3. Again, have a look through the listings here for details of gaijin friendly services.

4. I can't answer this one.

5. I can't answer this one either.

6. In brief, the laws on the sex industry in Japan are that foreplay and anal are legal but vaginal sex is illegal. This is why all the establishments and escort agency's don't advertise that they offer FS. However, as you will see on this site, some will do FS. I can't find a specific reference to age laws at a glance however I'm sure I read that the minimum age is 18. Also note that although anal is not legal, not all escorts will be prepared to do anal so if this is a deal breaker for you, make sure you check before you book anything.

Personally, if you are after FS without having to negotiate for it, your best bet is using one of the listed foreigner friendly escort services on this site. I used Asian Mystique and there were no issues with the girls being adverse to FS and I didn't have to pay any extra on top of the amount I paid for service and. But many people on here have used various services and had a great time so as long as you know what you are going into you should do fine.

Sorry that I couldn't answer all your questions but I hope that this helps.
Ok, I tried to reply...but the system logged me off and didn't save my message. A little more time before automatically getting logged off would be nice, please! ;)

Shortened version:

Legally sex = coitus (specifically) in Japan. Sex for pay with an 'unspecific' person is Illegal. Somewhat ambiguous isn't it? Solicitation for sex is specifically illegal and can actually be a higher penalty! Anything besides coitus is fine! Interesting, isn't it?

You likely will get what you want at soaplands or traditional red-light districts as it seems they have really old licenses that may be regulated by special laws. Don't quote me as I'm really not sure....j

As fs is illegal, it is safest not to discuss this for both parties (as a few thousand girls a year can tell you). Some girls may discuss it since there is a general feeling that le doesn't pay attention to English speaking sites and such. I wouldn't count on it though as sediment towards foreigners goes up and down as with any place. And as some may have noticed Japanese oriented agencies are now trying to tap the foreign market. Where they go le will follow. With other girls, the discussion of p4p fs is a sure way to end the conversation.

The age of consent is also muddy. It depends. However as some celebrities (and English teachers) will tell you, it may be best to stick to people over 18 (and 20 even safer). It is likely that as the age of consent is quite low, le charges them in other ways.

Can you pick up us J-girls? If you are good at it, why not? A gregarious, non-predatory attitude combined with clever conversation has resulted in my pants coming.......well, anyway. Good luck and enjoy Japan!! (^0^)/
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5. BDSM: with all the Japanese porn on the subject, I'm surprised I couldn't find one when searching the net. Are there any that cater for dom males, ie: the girl is submissive? I can use AsianSlave.biz, which is based in Sydney and I have used before. They have several girls in Tokyo and Osaka, but is there anything else available in Tokyo?



I have been thinking about using AsianSlave.biz. How was your experience? Was it worth the money?

I have been thinking about using AsianSlave.biz. How was your experience? Was it worth the money?



It is worth the money if you are properly set up to cater for this type of special service. I have a basement that is accessible via a secret door behind a full height mirror in the master bedroom. The basement has been divided into a small medical room where I can "examine" my patient and the larger space is a dungeon. The whole thing is lined and insulated.

That said, you CAN have a lot of fun in the bedroom too.

I've used several girls over the last two years. The Chinese ones are better. I had a Korean girl from Canberra, who was good at sex but not at the BDSM side. I found her quite annoying and limiting.

Suggest #198, 219, 140 (if looks don't matter). I rate these girls on their ability to fulfil my needs, ability to take pain, submissivness. It is important that you meet at the office and review the photos. Also discuss your game plan and how you want the girl to behave: should she comply with enthusiasm, of fear, or resignation, etc. These things make a difference.

Also, there are rules that are not posted on the web: maximum number of hits: whip, cane, slap, combined is 10. Safe words, and other rules. If administering pain is your thing then the smarter way is with restraints, rope bondage, suspension (only some girls), forced posture. I made 198 kneel on all fours (elbows and knees), on my coffee table for an hour.

Just a few ideas.

This a service where you DO get what you pay for.