BDSM Squirting training with Cindy from Bizarre clinic


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Jun 3, 2018
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Squirting training with Cindy from Bizarre clinic

Service Name:
Men's Squirting Course 70mins

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Appointment Length & Costs:
70 minutes 22000 + 2900 hotel

Booking Method:
Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
November 2023

Outcall Love Hotel (Provider Choice)

Language Notes:
Japanese Only

Narrative of the Encounter:
Having read the other reviews from here I decided that this was an experience I would definitely have to try.
Why not see how far your dick is able to handle intense stimulation?
The answer seems to be that I can take a lot! Which was quite strange because usually when I'm with a new woman I'm very fast shoot my juice.

Booking was very smooth as I used the form from the website to first contact her her and after that all communication was handled through email.
I asked her to pick the hotel and if I needed to prepare anything to which she said that I was banned from jerking off from the day of booking and to hold me pee from 1 hour before the meeting.

Met her in the lobby of the hotel at her request. As others have pointed out she is definitely not below 30 but might be late 30 or low 40, but not unattractive. She does have a little bit of a belly but nothing I paid any mind to.

Going up the elevator and entering the room we talk a bit about why I can speak Japanese and she compliments language skills. She mentions how she can only speak dirty English after having learned from all her foreign customers. She is a super kind woman who is able to put your mind at ease so if you're more into a dominant strict woman Cindy is not for you but for everyone else she is great.

We took care of the money, I got undressed, she gently soaped me up before giving me a quick wash and then let me soak in the bath a bit while she prepared her stuff and the bed.

Play time started with her having me lay on my stomach while she put baby powder on my back, butt and legs while gently touching them.
She then had me on assume doggy position where she continued to gently touch my ass and dick. Tells me this is all to help me relax my body which I can say it really does help with, if you let it.
After a while she tells me to change position and lay on my back while she moves into position behind me and puts her huge boobs on my face while she gently strokes my dick. I really mean gently.

From that point on she slowly ups the speed with her hands, moves into position between my legs, ask if I'm fine with tying up me balls and dick with stockings to which I agree.
It starts to become a blur of her stroking my dick with only her hands, gauze and stockings but no matter how intense she goes I seem to be able to handle it. Finally after what felt like a long time I feel that familiar building sensation to which I tell her I'm going to cum soon but then she tells me that I have to tell her when I'm cumming so she can ruin my orgasm, which is what she did, how cruel.
After that she continued her shaft work and later when the 10 minute alarm sounded we both decided to up the intensity and finally I get to release my pent up energy. It felt amazing and I wished we had more time to continue for more shots but I also felt completely satisfied.
I had about 5 minutes remaining during which she tried her best to make me cum but it just wasn't happening.

When the time was up I had one of my life's weirdest experiences, she put on a short squirting training session. Told me that because I'm standing while peeing It's probably hard for me to pee while lying down and also in front of people so she had me sit in the bath to relax and help me get that peeing feeling. Then she told me that as soon as I felt like I was going to pee that I had to tell her and that should would help me then. I couldn't do it in the bath so I got out, started showering and when I got that peeing feeling I told her to which she came back into the bathroom and started stroking my dick while peeing. She told me that doing this many times will help with loosening up the mind and that she did similar things so that now she can squirt immediately in her private life.

After that it was time to get dressed, go our separate ways and I was one if not two experiences richer.

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No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, May Repeat.

Closing Comments:
Might repeat but I have so many other places and girls I want to meet so it depends on time and budget but for the experience and her skills there is no doubt I would like to visit again.
Thank you for your review submission!

Approved: 11/18/2023
I'm really torn between trying Cindy or the other provider who is also in charge of teaching new providers. This one reminded me how much I wanted to try
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I'm really torn between trying Cindy or the other provider who is also in charge of teaching new providers. This one reminded me how much I wanted to try
You definitely should go try it, who is the one teaching new providers?
You definitely should go try it, who is the one teaching new providers?
Cindy and Abe Sadoya. It says she's 24 so I'm assuming she's probably around 30 ish. I'm worried that maybe I won't be attracted to Cindy and it'll make the experience less enjoyable