Standard procedure in massage?

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    Hi, will be flying off to Japan next in next few days, have been reading about soap land thread lately,Probably will b going to king's or Te prima, but still there are few question I need to ask as I m lack of experience and don't wanna be there with a total lost look.hope u guyz can give me some helping hands for my first time experience in this, I promise I wil post a review when I come back.

    1) there are different package with offering different duration, usually how many pops allowed? Based on the thread I read, it seems like 2 hours package give u a chance to Have 2 sessions.
    2) does the initial bj count? Just incase I got too happy with their service n pop.
    3) it seems like our role in most cases are kind of passive, do they allow us to be more "active"? Like finger them or offering them some oral fun? Just curious. As I m flying off soon, hope to hear from u guyz soon.
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    I took 90mn, and I had 2 full sessions.

    I don't think so... it is really based on time.

    You can be active !!! The girl would enjoy for sure !
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    I don't believe anyone has answered your question. Depend on the place you go to pops are unlimited, as long as you remain in your allotted time frame. I'll take you through the process.

    1. You go to the door of the establishment where you will be met by the door greater.
    2. You will be shown a few pictures of the girls to choose from pay the fee and be escorted to a waiting room.
    3. Once the girl is ready you will meet her and she will lead you to a room where you will be asked to have a seat and do you want a drink.
    4. She will help you to undress and get your first spot ready. She will have you sit on this stool where your junk will hang.
    5. She will soap you down paying attention to your package and rub her bare breast on your soapy body.
    6. She will ask you to get inside of the tub where she will join you and give you a BBBJ. At this point because Japanese men don't like to use Condoms but come on lets face it we all would rather not use one. You can have her ride you in the tub Bareback for a moment.
    7. After this she will have you step out of the tub where she will dry you off and depending on the girl she may give you another BBBJ before she has you get onto the bed to ride you. Some girls will have condoms with them but not use them some will insist on using them, typically the married ones.
    8. After you pop she will lead you back to be washed again however you can just go back inside of her if you still are hard. She won't deny you a second time go round.
    9. After she will wash you again place you in the bath for a relaxing time. Dry you off and send you on your way satisfied.
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    The 2 hour soaplands that might be a bit pricier go like this:
    1. Tea leading to her undressing you and taking charge on the bed.
    2. Sex, usually cowgirl. Ask for a condom or you'll find her riding you bareback before you have time to even realize what just happened...
    3. After you pop, she washes you off on the stool and fills the bath.
    4. After relaxing in the bath and perhaps getting a BBBJ, it is mat time. THIS is why the slightly more expensive ones are worth it in my book.
    5. The full nuru nuru massage on the mat ends with round 2, often with her leading again.
    6. She washes off the gel and cleans you up again, and you have another drink.
    7. Soft massage leads to round 3 if you are up for it, usually with you leading.

    If you are only going to do a bit of Japan mongering once or just occasionally, I would recommend one of the executive 2 hour places in Yoshiwara every time.

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