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Stella - Canadian Masseuse - Available in Asia


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Mar 31, 2010
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For the moment, we are sponsoring page for Stella that you can see here:

We have added her contact information and pictures.

Basic Information:

Name: Stella
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 23
Current Location: Central Singapore
Email: stellagrey @ (remove the spaces)
Telephone: +852 60478782 (Honk Kong, 852)

Pricing Information:

Donation Packages:
90-120 Minutes - $2000 HKD

This listing is sponsored by the Tokyo Adult Guide as we have verified this provider via TAG Staff members.

Stella is looking forward to hearing from you!
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We got an anonymous feedback form on these two Canadian girls. (From the "Contact Us" function at the bottom of this page...)

Basically, it's a positive review and that their pictures and information match what we've posted. I asked the person to register and post but they elected not to do so for privacy reasons.
Stella's pricing has been updated today.
Updated Again, Fixed a typo. :)
Kevin can't update this right now, but Stella has moved on to Singapore as of this week. Her mini-site was updated with lastest information for Singapore.

You're welcome Kevin... :p
Yeah, I was locked out of the site during the most recent problems. I appreciate you updating both of these thread. :)
We recently got an update from Stella, she's still hanging out in Singapore and recently asked us to update her information.

Give her a call or email if you're in Singapore!

We're still waiting on a return-to-Japan date. :)
Stella - what a fantastic lady!

I had the chance to meet up with her in Singapore and really had a great time with her. She's not FS of course, she makes up for that with her body-on-body massage technique. She's a little short, but she has a fit, athletic body that she uses as her tool to satisfy you.

She's one of the very few ladies from Canada/America that I have met that has been worth the money paid. So many of those ladies over charge for services that are not nearly worth the price they ask. Stella service was fully commensurate with the price she asked.

If you have a chance to catch her in Tokyo or Singapore, she's worth the money and she's got a great personality. She's not dry and she's not a dead fish either. She does permit you to touch her, but make sure you ask permission and set the bounderies before you start.

Best of luck to you all.
Mark - Thank you.

Stella will appreciate your kind words.
Hi Everyone,

Stella will be heading to Honk Kong from 7/28.

The rate for 90 minutes has been updated for Hong Kong dollars.

Please contact her via the email address listed above to schedule an appointment with her in Honk Kong next week.
Updated the first post.

Stella has a telephone contact number while in Hong Kong.

(852) 60478782
I want to thank you for doing this. I had a great time with her in Tokyo and hope she returns here. Can you set up more like her?
I want to thank you for doing this. I had a great time with her in Tokyo and hope she returns here. Can you set up more like her?

Mr. Anderson, thanks for your reply. Stella will be returning to Japan in November, I don't have an exact date yet though. We're working on a few other service providers that are interested in providing their services here, but nothing is confirmed for those just yet.

We hope that Jane will return to Tokyo as well, but we will see what happens.