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Stella - Review from Singapore


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Mar 31, 2010
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We received a report on Stella via our contact us link today.

Jef in Singapore said:
Had a session with Stella in Singapore. Her massage was simply fantastic. She knows what she's doing and does her job professionally. Definitely time well spent. Hope she sticks around longer and gets the support she needs. Cheers.

Thank you for your review.
Damn - based on the other review sites for Singapore, she's gotten quite popular there in a short time period.

Is she coming back to Japan?
She said that she may come back to Japan in the fall, but maybe her time will be split between Tokyo and other cities.

I think her biggest problem in Japan was the language and culture barriers. Foreginers in Japan seeking such services want something very specific for a specific price. I'm sure she could be more popular in Japan with more reputation power, she had 0 Asia experience when she came to Tokyo for the first time.