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Dec 9, 2010
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What's up people?

I am new to living in Tokyo, but spent a lot of time here in the past. I'm wiped out from a long day. Wanted to say hi and I'll come visit again this weekend.

Love the peacefulness around here, not so damn edgy!
Can't imagine where you picked that name from.

Can't imagine where you picked that name from.


Right? Haha...

Welcome to TAG Dexter, being that most of us watch the TV show Dexter, it feels weird to say "Hi and welcome to TAG, Dexter!" I want to add the phrase 'please don't kill us, we're good people' with that welcome message. :p:p:p

Guilty as charged. Finished watching the latest episode and decided to go ahead and register but did not have any idea of what to call myself. I am not really familiar with using internet forums like this one.

I'm hard up for Julia Stiles in this season's Dexter, I hope she stays around for awhile longer but based on media reports, her contract for Dexter was only for Season 5. The next episode is really going to leave people hanging for season 6 I think. The very brief previous shows someone dropping a knife and getting caught, but we don't know who! <EXCITEMENT>