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    Some Notes:

    -The Reviews Forums are ONLY for posting experiences that you yourself have had with a provider, and for people wanting to discuss that particular encounter. If you have an unrelated comment or question, please post it in Questions, Answers, and Warnings.

    -New reviews should be posted in a separate thread, even if there's another review for the same provider or same agency. If you have seen multiple providers recently, even from the same agency, please post separate threads for each review.

    -If you have any questions or feedback please message me or any of the other moderators.


    The essence of a good hobby board is accurate, timely information. In that spirit, below are some guidelines for posting quality reviews here - specifically we are providing a template for information to provide when posting a review. I've also posted a few 'example' reviews to give you an idea of a bad review, a good review, and a great review. For the purposes of improving the site and helping out your fellow hobbyists, as well as rewarding good providers and warning against the not-so-good providers, I urge you to at least post a 'good' review. TAG management is currently working on a more formal submission process- reviews that use the template below will count as a review once the formal process is set up.

    Template (see below for description):


    Contact Info:
    Language Specifics:
    Session Length/Fee:
    Physical Description:


    Title: This should be the subject of the thread. Please list the Agency/location of the Provider and then her name. Some examples: "Hipness-Erika " or "AM-Sora" or "Darling Harbor- Rara".

    Date/Time: We don't need the exact day/time, but timely reviews are helpful (ie, within a few weeks of the event). The time of day can also be very helpful as well.

    Provider: The provider's name and organization, if applicable.

    Contact Info: Her phone/email/website. DO NOT give out information that the provider doesn't give publicly.

    Type/Location: What kind of service is it? Delivery Health? Soapland? Did you purchase any extras? If you had a hotel, which hotel was it? Address for the hotel, if at all possible. How was the hotel? Was it tough to find? If it was a love hotel, did they have an automated checkin/checkout, or did it require checking in in the lobby?

    Language Specifics: Required language level and your level - TAG has members of all language levels, so posting a review for an org that requires pretty high fluency without alerting people to this fact is not only unhelpful, you can also hurt your own ability to repeat at that org after a horde of Westerners call up asking in English for appointments. I would suggest listing "Good Japanese only","Minimal Japanese okay", or "No Japanese required" in your review.

    Session Length/Fee: Include love hotel charge if at all possible.

    Physical description: What did the girl look like? Did she look like her pictures?

    Details: We don't need a play by play or anything graphic, especially if it might get her in trouble with her shop. The main information to put here is regarding the quality of the organization, provider's attitude and quality of service. Questions you should answer include "How good was the communication with the shop?","Did she show up on time?","How was her attitude before/during/after play time?", as well as any other information that might be helpful to other hobbyists, such as "she didn't like kissing", or "her bathtime play was the best part of the session", etc.

    Recommendation: Yes or No.
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