Sugar Daddy Review

Gentlemen, I Miu again tonight and here goes the story:

We meet at her home station as she wants to eat at her favorite restaurant. So I go there we get seated at the table. I drop my phone and I lean down o pick it up and to my surprise, she’s not wearing any panties. She’s had a wax job! I get an instant prostate attack! Like an instant boner for an old man like me is hard to come by. So the whole time we are eating I can’t get this erection to go away. In her usual fashion, she starts dropping dimes like: I’m sorry I fucked up the pronunciation of thought! Fuck, I’m sorry!

Next thing I know she says, “Fuck, I forgot my panties”! Then she says, “can people see, my puss”?

Now, I’m like trying to contain a rogue boner and she’s asking me about whether or not people can see her puss. In my estimation, it clearly would have been easy to see if someone were to look, but luckily she had this scarf, a black scarf.

Dinner was good! A had 4 beers and had some good sushi.

As we are waking back to her apartment, she takes a tumble, falls down, trips me, I fall down and hurt my knee. She says, “I’m sorry! I fucked you and me up”!

At her apartment, now his place is the most organized place I’ve ever been into. Everything looks new! Not a scratch or blemish anywhere. The place has the distinct smell of clean! So I put something on her table, within seconds she had moved it. I moved her clock, she came over and moved it back! She actually will clean my shoes! I could go into more detail but I think you get the picture.

We get into the apartment, my knee is killing me. She does whatever while I sit on the couch. It’s like 7pm. There is a knock at the door and in comes a tall, muscular Japanese lady friend of hers. This girl is big! Has a pretty face a huge rack! Apparently she’s a nurse of some sort. She can’t speak any English! For like 29 minutes they talk in Japanese about something and then I don’t know, I decided to go home! But Miu says, “don't you want to get some fucking dessert”?

This tall, muscular friend of hers and Miu put on a show! This lady is bisexual and has a partner! Did I tell you that there is a collection of dildos? In some boxes, there are some sex toys. Now she hasn’t brought them out and showed me. I’m just a curious guy and why she was sleep, I looked in a container since I thought I saw a penis. Yeah, I saw one. Then Insee lube, dildos, cuffs, and a whip. None used on me.

To make a long story short, I got a 2 for 1 deal without doing much more than paying for a meal and some beer.

Here’s the deal: she boasted to her friend that I had the hardest cock in Japan. Not the biggest, but the hardest! Her friend says something like, “his cock is like an electric blanket.”

Miu then says, “Fuck, I told you”!

Now this nurse uses her phone to exchange LINE. So now I have both of their LINE contacts. This nurse friend of hers is a strong girl. As I’m pumping away, it looks like she’s in pain, and I ask her if she’s okay. Then Miu cuts in and says, “Fuck, are you a man or a bitch”! Then her friend says,”Don’t worry about me”! She’s got this look of what I thought was pain but I was wrong! This lady squirts or pees. Now there is this liquid all over me and Miu’s bed. Not to worry because she has a plastic cover! Yep, plastic cover and towels! This lady friend squirts! I wasn’t allowed to do an oral sex! But her friend said something odd. “Let’s eat him”!

Then they both go take a shower and her friend leaves and I leave sometime after showing. I think I will have to start exercising if I’m going to keep this up.

Now don’t worry, I laid on my back for most of the activities since I hurt my knee.

I’m not going to say much more but I think it’s time to get rid of those other chicks and ride this one out!
Wow! You know what I found the most impressive: that she’s a cleanliness freak … sounds too good to be true 😂
Dang, what in the world did I just stumble upon? I'm pretty new around here, but let me tell ya, OP, that story of yours was pure gold! Seriously, it felt like a blast from the past, taking me right back to my younger days. Can't even front, I'm feeling a bit jealous! I mean, who knows if I could even keep up with those young guns these days, right? But hey, hats off to you, my friend!
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