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Aug 23, 2009
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Greetings All!

Today, I have added this forum to facilitate the reception of suggestions and any relevant feedback that pertains to the operation of the Tokyo Adult Guide.

Please feel to post your honest feedback or maybe you have a suggestion for us? This section is dedicated to these topics and we await your comments.

There are a few rules to keep things in order:

1) No flame wars. This means no flaming the staff or other members of the site. If there is a heated issue to discuss, it will be removed from this section and done via either private message and/or email communications.

2) Decisions made by the staff are final. I will stand behind the staff members unless I determine that a staff member acted with ill-will against a particular issue or user.

3) Open door policy: I invite you to send your comments to me directly if you don't feel comfortable posting in a public forum. Please use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page and choose "Contact Site Owners". I will do my best to answer any messages in a timely manner.

This list is subject change.

Thanks for being with us here at the Tokyo Adult Guide!

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We have added some thread prefixes to help sort things out. Please use these according to what you are posting about in this forum.

We appreciate your cooperation to help us keep things organized!

Note: I've also cleaned up the section, only active suggestions or problems should be listed in this area.

After awhile, we'll close the threads and archive them. I do need to add some responses to older threads to completely close them.
Not open for further replies.