Suggestions for First Time Visit to Escort in Tokyo


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May 2, 2012
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Glad that I found this forum. I utilize similar forums in my home city so your posts here have helped clarify the situation in Japan. Thanks. TER doesn't have that many reviews for Japan so a forum like this is really invaluable.

I will be in Tokyo in a few weeks. I've been several times before but for various reasons I have never used an escort here. However, I will have a couple of days to myself on this trip so I think that I will take advantage of that and rectify this situation.

From reading on this forum and searching on the web, it seems that using a service like AM, Nasty Dolls, Club Boo or maybe even Hipness are my safest bet, as they are used to foreigners and my Japanese is minimal. I would like to try a soapland and the like someday, but given a rather short window of opportunity, going with a sure thing is most attractive to me. I have also come across other website (Black Sapphire comes to mind) that claim to be foreigner friendly. But with no reviews I am skeptical that they girls look anything like the photos, or that the experience will go smoothly. Anyone have any experience with some of these other agencies?

By far, AM seems to be the most convenient, in that they reply to emails and give an advance schedule. I think that I am most interested in Mako as I like thin girls. Hiromi and Yuko are also of interest. Any advice on them or suggestions for others here? Do they seem close to their posted ages? Are they Japanese?

What about Nasty Dolls? The photos seem a little too good to be true. Am I just being cynical? Any idea on their general hours of operation? They haven't replied to an earlier email and I don't see them posting a schedule on the website. I guess Tae stood out to me on that site but there were many interesting photos.

I arrive on Narita at 9 pm on Nov. 14, but by the time I get into Tokyo, I assume it will be too late to meet anyone that night. So I hope to meet someone on the next day or that night. I have a flight out of Haneda at about noon on the 16th, so I am also hoping to try to meet someone that morning, on my way to the airport. Do any of these agencies have people working in the mornings? If not, any suggestions on where or how I could scratch an early morning itch? Probably squeezing a lot into a little time but I don't have this opportunity all that often so I want to take advantage of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for any advice you can give. I hope to be able to pay you all back with a couple of reviews of my experiences.
I have not seen Mako, but I've heard that she is very VERY thin. I've seen Yuko a few times, she's pretty good. She's pretty skinny if you like those types. Sora is another one that you might want to consider.

AM theoretically provides service 24 hours a day, but some girls are only available certain times. Many have day jobs, so a particular girl might not be available at, say, 1am on a wednesday or something. Generally you can reserve several days in advance, so you can find out who might be available the night you get in or the morning before you fly out. I can tell you now that you are far more likely to be able to get a girl to come out to your hotel at midnight the night you get in than getting a girl to a love hotel at 5am the day you leave, but check with AM and see what they have to say.

I've read that Hinomaru is open pretty early, if you are up for some early-morning head. Enjoy.
Mako from AM is a very sweet girl, as is Sora.

Mako is quite thin but has nice (fake) boobs.

Also Lili is great for a morning romp.

Good luck.
Mako IS the definition of thin. I love thin, but that was too much for me. If you're into that, she is a very sweet girl.I also recommend Lili, or - if you can accept about two pounds more - Ai.
MOD: If I posted this thread in the wrong section, my apologies. I am wondering if I should have posted in "Introductions" instead? If so, and it can be moved, please feel free to do so. I will definitely follow up with a review of whomever I see.

Thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated. You gave me a couple of new names to consider, and consider them I will. I'm still interested in Mako but I am a little concerned about the comments. I do like thin girls but not anorexic. I once saw a girl in NYC that was very fit but unbelievably skinny (not Asian). I love spinners but it was too much for me.

Meiji, thanks for your advice re: best times to get a date. I was definitely considering doing something that first night, but a friend has kindly offered to pick me up at Narita and if he went all the way out there to get me, I don't want to ditch him. And as he has a very high opinion of my partner, I don't really feel comfortable telling him about this. Too bad, as he is rich and Japanese and probably could show me a lot.

What I will probably do is wait for the schedule for that week and then contact AM about my preferences and what will be possible in my time schedule. I assume a few days advance is enough to get the girl of my choice? I may still contact ND but AM gets points for ease of use and I am pretty sure they will get my business.

This raises one more question. What can I ask in an email? Here in NYC, we have to be very careful about what is asked. I know I can't ask about intercourse, but can I ask if a certain girl does bbbj? CIM? COF? I read somewhere here that Sora does not allow the last two acts? Is that true? Do all of the girls (obviously at their discretion) at least allow bbbj? I guess I am most interested in the girls mentioned here: Mako, Sora, Lili, Yuko and Ai (and I guess I would throw in Hiromi into that too, although her reviews have not been great).
In Japan you can ask anything, CIM, BBBJ, anal, the girl sitting on your face in a clown costume playing the violin.... Just one thing is illegal and you should never ask: vaginal penetration.If this happens it is a choice between consenting adults in love and it cannot be paid for...
Rest assured that these girls fall in love quickly.
Still, I have seen all the girls from your list except for Yuko (as she has a bush). So, as your list matches mine, i trust we have a similar taste. Go for Lili.
Sorry to act like such a newbie and ask so many questions. But as far as trying this in Japan, I am a complete newbie! So thanks for your patience. I hope this is the last question on this. I am staying at a business hotel in Ebisu (Ebisu Excellent). It is convenient and not expensive and I am familiar with it. I suppose I could meet the escort there and save the money on a LH. People come and go and they never pay attention, or at least pretend not to, in that discreet Japanese way. You can just walk in and head straight to the elevator.

That being said, I am not sure I want to use it for an escort. There is nothing particularly interesting about the rooms, and given the fact that I want to use the hotel in the future, I don't want any problems. And if I am seeing someone after 10 pm it is possible that the front desk will pay more attention as there is less foot traffic. Additionally, I have never been in a LH and since it is such a quintessential Japanese experience, I am interested to try. Any opinion about using a business hotel for the date?

Doing a little web searching, I found a LH close to my hotel and the train station. I fumbled through the website and got the rates. Seems like the charge for two hours, depending on the room, is 5775, 6825, 7140, 7875 or 9975. I assume the difference is for size, style and amenities. Are these rates reasonable? Or am I better off just going to another close-by neighborhood, like Shibuya, Shinjuku or Gotanda?
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Any opinion about using a business hotel for the date?

Or am I better off just going to another close-by neighborhood, like Shibuya, Shinjuku or Gotanda?

Your best bet if you are using Asian Mystique is to call and ask them if that hotel is girl-friendly, or if they aren't familiar with it, what they think about business hotels. Most love hotels for the 'rest' rate are going to cost around 5-6000 Yen for 2 or 3 hours- this also often depends on time of day, and you should also note that at a certain point of the evening there's no longer a 'rest' rate, you pay whatever the 'stay' rate is.