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Summary of Immigration Changes


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Sep 24, 2009
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This is just short post to cover some of the changes that have been documented about the changes that are here and changes that are yet to come for the immigration system in Japan.

This is a publication in English with a summary of the changes:

Otherwise, here's a basic list with URL's about the changes:

  1. Introduction of a new system of residence management including issuance of a Residence Card (※)
  2. Issuance of Special Permanent Resident Certificates to those who qualify (※)
  3. Revision of the training and technical internship programs
  4. Integration of the statuses of residence of “College Student” and “Pre-College Student”
  5. Establishment of the Immigration Detention Facilities Visiting Committee
  6. Clear wording of the prohibition of deportation under conventions including the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (* note 1)
  7. Establishment of a special exception on the period of stay for those who filed applications such as extension of the period of stay
  8. Establishment of special exceptions with respect to denial of landing
  9. New requirement for crew members with landing permission to carry and present identification such as a valid crew member’s pocket-ledger
  10. Establishment of conditions for deportation in order to appropriately deal with activities involving encouragement of illegal employment
(※)Upon introduction of the new system(1&2),the current alien registration system shall become defunct

For all of the honest visa holders, most of this is a non-issue. On the other hand, the extension of the visa length and removal of the re-entry permit is a very nice benefit to all of us.
good changes for the most part. maybe some problems in change over though. wait and see.