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Featured Sweet & Naughty Alice

Discussion in 'Classified Ads - Independent Japan Escorts' started by AliceInWonderland, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. AliceInWonderland

    Dec 20, 2015
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    She's walking in a fast phase, right in front of you. You hurry, try to catch up but every time you get close she passes a corner and disappears for a while. So close but so far away. You hurry to her, grab her arm and pull her into your grip. You lift up the black veil and reveal the porcelain skin and pink lips, ready for a kiss...

    I am Alice. Effortlessly sexy. A mixture of contradictions. A combination of feminine and youthfull with my slim and tight body but very feminine curves and my lenght that's neither tall not short. A combination of a quiet submissive girl who wants to give you service the way you like it, unscribted, but also a woman who has an intelligent opinion about things and can show you my views.
    Sexy but not aggressive. Natural but well taken care of.

    Interested in spending quality time with a beautiful, young north west European girl? Early 20s, natural long blonde hair, slim but with a little curves on the right places. All 3 measurements less than 5cm away from the "ideal" 90-70-90 hourglass range, with waist UNDER the 70!

    I'm not having a website at the moment but you can view my pictures here under the advertisement and my rates are here:

    -40 minutes quick course : 30.000 yen (please note there are restrictions to this course, ask me details)
    -1 hour course : 40.000 yen
    - one hour and 30 minutes : 55.000 yen
    -2 hours : 70.000 yen
    -Meal + dessert (about 4 hours, depends on the restaurant and such, lets just go with the flow) 100.000 yen
    -overnight 200.000 yen

    I highly prefer to meet in the Shinjuku area. For traveling to other areas i expect a taxi compensation.

    To get an idea what to expect, you can look at the many reviews about me on this website.

    Please contact me through TAG or on my email: alice.1111.109@gmail.com
    If you use the email, please tell me you are from TAG.

    I'm looking forward to meet you,


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