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    Hana @ Ikebukuro-Charlotte http://www.i-rlx.info/index.html

    See staff link for photos but is much more prettier in person.


    Date of Encounter:
    5 September

    Contact Method:
    Walk in but you can call for reservation at 03-3981-5166 which guarantees a set time for you

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    120 Minutes from their menu includes full body foam wash. ¥14,000

    In shop massage place

    Language Notes:
    Survival Japanese and phone translator

    Details of the Encounter:
    Second time visiting this place very clean and nice interior atmosphere. Met the techno who was an older lady as I got off the elevator. She looked surprised and I asked is it okay and her reply was yes. She motioned me to the table where the menus were and selected the 120 minute course. BTW they do have a point card as well. After 6 visits you get ¥1000 off. I didn’t nominate anyone as I wanted to see who they would offer.

    Techno then lead me to a small curtained room that was partitioned off with walls that came about 3/4 to the ceiling. Changed clothes and in came a short, petite & slender looking lady. She introduced herself as Hana. I think she was surprised to see a gaijin. We exchanged pleasantries and she departed to prepare the shower room for the foaming body wash. She came back in and I handed her some Chocolates and she was very happy & appreciative. She came over to me in the room and gave me a big hug. Hana took me to the shower room. She wore a short pink dress that enhanced her C size breasts. Started with some small talk. She’s been in Japan for 7 years and later found out she’s only been doing massages for a year and a half. She had me lie down on the the shower. She worked in the warm soapy lather with her soft hands. Cleaned the buttocks area very good and quite softly. Oh did I wanted so much more. :rolleyes: she didn’t help me flip over I continued with the warm soapy lather all over my body. Little more attention to the midsection area and was hoping for more but didn’t happen. Maybe next time. I didn’t want her to stop. Hana rinsed & dried me off. We went back to room where she had me lay faced down and excused herself to go and wash and rinse off.

    Hana came back to the room and started a shiatsu type massage that felt really good. Actually better than Ayumi who I previously had. She seemed to know what she’s doing.

    Throughout the massage we conversed back-and-forth using each of our phone translator and that and it was fun to find out some things about her and due to it being personal I will not share it here. She did relate that she’s only been doing massages for about a year and a half. And move the Tokyo about 6 to 7 months ago from Hon Atsugi area.

    She whispers in my ear if I wanted powder or oil massage. I told her oil and so she went to get and came back in and started the fun part on the backside buttocks area. The oil she used was quite warm and felt very good and she was covered all areas and I was feeling blissful. with touches along the crack and even inserting a finger which felt good too. She then had me flip over putting more warm hot oil on the little guy and he started waking up. She allowed a little bit of touching after I asked and then she laid down beside me and started licking my nipples and getting little guy to stand up tall. After a couple minutes he said Ooo Lala and released himself. Hana Cleaned me up and wiped the oil off and left the room to prepare the shower. She took me by the hand and lead me to the shower and was hoping that it would be together, but how do you take it by myself. Dried off and she led me back to the room and asked me lay down but I decided to give her a short massage instead as I still had about 15 to 20 minutes left. She was very happy about that but, I wanted to have a longer time to give her more. I think she almost fell asleep. So when it got closer to my finished time she turned up I said thank you and that I needed to get dressed. So I did so and before the party in the room we hugged each other and give her a small kiss on the cheek and said I would come back to visit her.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Will Repeat to see if Hana will allow a little more touching here and there. Maybe I can get her to go topless next time.

    Closing Comments:
    Charlotte is easy to find based on the information on their website and input into google maps. Very friendly atmosphere. If you want a particular girl I would call ahead of time to make arrangements.
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