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T Colors - Happening Bar


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Apr 21, 2014
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Has anyone been here? I went recently for an event that lasted until 10 and seemed like more a of an introduction to the place. People were generally friendly and There was no 'play' during the event (that happened after and I decided to leave as I had to get home). To get a membership card you need to give your real name, phone number and address which I am a bit nervous about. I have read the other thread about happening bars/couples kissa so am a bit nervous.

Has anyone been?
Would be interested in a review too. I went to the place, but before it changed owners. Don't know what's going with them now.

I don't like the excessive verification process and them asking for too much information. Verification of age is one thing, extensive record keeping is something else.
They have a "free night" where up until 10pm you can just hang out there and meet people. They have some entertainment shows (including shibari which I hate) but nothing really enticing in terms of seeming like they are trying to up sell you you can see some of the night here if you click on the banner. After 10, all non paying customers can leave and that is where I presume the play happens. People were generally nice and friendly. They only thing is that you cannot join without supplying your real name and phone number. They verify this through looking at your ID but do not make copies as far as I can tell.
Hi, I've been here about 5 times between a year and 6 months ago. Before they changed owners it was a bit quiet but OK. I had fun and got to play with others two out of three times.

After they changed owners the atmosphere was quite different. There were more people there, and some were more beatiful, but nobody was really playing. They had an S&M show and a few people would wear cosplay, but I didn't get to play and nobody else was really playing anyways.

I wonder how it is now? If anybody has been recently it would be great if you could share a report.
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