Tactics Not To Be Caught !


Apr 30, 2014
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Hi there,

Some of us have gf or are married and they need to be careful not to be caught when going, booking or returning from love hotel or any other place. My questions are simple : what do you do not to be caught or raise suspicion ? Do you have experiences in either getting out of a tough situation or even finding excuses for being seen at around a place (like your gf sister !) or meeting a work colleague ?

For example, i never take the discount ticket that some love hotel give, and am careful that the lady does not smoke not to leave a smell.

It is a light topic but with the gw, it can be a good time to relax and share technics , stories etc.
I bring the same body soap I use at home with me. You can get small plastic containers from daiso for 100 yen.
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aha, you guys sound cute;)
have you ever hang out as a team?
not so sure if there is any one interested to go out together.
personally, i will feel safe.
additionally, get a wingman to cover each other will increase our chance in many situations, right?
1) Password protect your phone.

1B) Install a program that will take a picture and e-mail you, if 2 or more password attempts are incorrect. Caught 2 girlfriends (now ex-girlfriends) with such programs.

2) Consider turning off location and GPS whenever you go out. To turn everything off, you might need to jailbreak or get admin. rights. Many iPhone users have been tracked by suspicious girlfriends/boyfriends and wives/husbands in this way.

2B) Have a second SIM card. If your phone is unlocked, you might can get one from econnect ( http://www.econnectjapan.com/) And you can buy 2 SIM capable phones on the Internet.

3) Password protect LINE, if you are using it and are married or living with someone. So if they hack your phone, they still can't get evidence.

4) Create e-mail accounts that your spouse or live-in boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't know about.

4B) Do NOT use SMS. Tell your lover that you hate SMS. Remember to delete any SMS after being read.

4C) password protect e-mail programs on your phone. If they hack the phone, they still can't get anything.

5) Password protect or hide contact info. of secret lovers.

6) Create some personal space to do activities on your own.

Get a hobby like playing billards, darts, bowling, kick-boxing, golf bars, etc... Preferably something you like, but your girlfriend/wife doesn't like so much and will leave you alone. When you go to pursue your hobby, hopefully no questions asked.

7) Try to create a "don't ask, don't tell" relationship.

That is, if you go out, just say when you will return home. And gradually push it, so that coming back in the morning is fine.

Absolutely refuse to give in to interrogations and 100 questions about every place and thing you do.

To create some space, some guys or women will not be cheating right away. They will FIRST battle for the TIME and personal space that will ALLOW them to cheat. Women are especially good at this tactic, because they can often get their secret male lovers to committ to exact meeting times for sex.

If the spouse tries to check up on you, there will be NOTHING for them to find and you can admonish them for violating your privacy and trust. After getting the right amount of "don't ask, don't tell", then CHEAT.

8) Admittedly, this one is a curve ball, but introduce the idea of becoming a SWINGER.

It's often hard, because you didn't start your relationship out that way and many women can be close-minded.

However, it might be worth it, as open-sexuality has surprisingly helped some couples. And surprisingly, some wives can be up for it, if they feel the husband approves and they will do it together.

If it doesn't work, there is always the route of cheating and secret lovers.

9) Don't get lazy and be always vigilant about protecting your privacy and secret lovers. Many husbands and wives get caught by being plain stupid or relaxed their guard too much.
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From my hobbying in the states I'm a little paranoid about how I go about it since there's a double-jeopardy involved beyond just an SO finding out, given that the hobby is less than legal there. There's a lot of the same sort of tricks. The main ones, some of which Solong covered, fit under the category of:

Separate your real self from your hobby self as much as possible.

This allows deniability regardless of who is asking. And the danger isn't just your SO walking in on you, it's the person you are cheating with, or someone THEY are entangled with, finding out who you are and confronting you or your SO. Be careful out there. Some ideas:

-Aside from getting a different SIM, many people in the states get a totally different phone -- although this was mostly from the old days, and it's much easier to hide a phone in your car then, say, in your bag or at your office. Another along the same lines here is get a Google Voice number or Skype number. Unfortunately, I don't think most hobby places will accept these.

-Absolutely establish a separate email address from your 'normal' one, with a different password.

-Some guys get super-paranoid about it if they are using a PC for looking up websites and reviews, and not only use Private or Incognito mode, but have a totally separate hard drive they boot their computers off of so that their SO doesn't accidentally come across it.

-As Solong said, there's quite a bit of password protection tools out there. Keep in mind that requiring a password DOES NOT always mean that the data is encrypted -- it just means that a password is required to use it in the user interface. The iPhone has multiple layers of encryption, and a vast majority of the data, including emails, texts, phone call lists, etc, can be gotten fairly easily with the right know-how.

-Give out as little information about yourself as possible. You don't necessarily have to lie, but don't give your full name, be vague about where you live what you do, don't tell providers where you work or who you work for. There are many women and agencies out there who are strictly professional, but you never know when one isn't going to be, so it's better safe than sorry.

-On the same notion, be geographically smart about where you hobby. You don't want to be seen by anyone you know if at all possible, so just because there's a pink salon conveniently located on the street between your house and the nearest supermarket, it's probably not a good idea to hang out there.

-Same with work. And I haven't fully reconciled the idea of 'group hobbying' yet. It very rarely happens in the US. The few times I've gotten invited to a rub and tug place or a strip club by someone I know, I've almost always begged off.