Tae (ND) or Hiromi (AM)


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Nov 2, 2011
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Is planning to meet a girl soon but can not decide if I shoul choose Hiromi or Tae. Is looking for a good GFE with a realy nice girl. Are sure both are really nice but who is the best GFE? Any tips?
Because... she's just not. Unless you define distanced and mechanic as a GFE. She is a top score in looks but lacks the passion. It's clearly just a job to hear.
Have read that from many about Hiromi, but do you know anything about Tae ?
I am not really. Just that these are the two I have found that should be close to a 10 when it comes to body. Saying this both from the pics and what I have read. But if you have any one else you can recomend I gladly take the tips. But as I said she must have a great atletic body.
Miki from AM Osaka is in Tokyo until the 16th. She's got a good body (although I wouldn't classify it as super-athletic), and she's good fun.
I'd say you have to set priorities. If you want the athletic body, go with Hiromi. If you want a - still slim - girl with a little more girl-next-door friendly and pleasing attitude, go with Ai, Lili, Mako.
Was Hiromi the one that was very picky about time and location of a date? I remember her being damn near impossible to book. I've not checked the latest girls in a long time. First, I need to checkup on the latest reviews.