TAG Site News - 3/6/11

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Aug 23, 2009
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We have now moved into March and things have been going well since our last news posting back in February.

The only major items to report at this time will be the upcoming forum structure changes. This was mentioned in the news report in February and we have all now agreed on a solution that we think will work best for this site.

Basically, the busiest section of the site will be expanded while other slower performing areas will be reduced. Threads will be moved accordingly and we will try to keep the disruptions to an absolute minimum.

Cosmetically, we have been slaving over a new color and graphics scheme. I think we are almost there and will be able to push out the new graphics soon.

For the latest statistics, we have surpassed over 2.5 million hits for 2011 as of March 5th. Regular readership has expanded to a rate of 67% return visits, but still, the participation numbers are lower than we were hoping for. So, to those visitors out there who are just reading, don't be shy, join in!

Thanks for your continued support by visiting our site and posting helpful information for other readers.

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