Tall, hot, and buxom @ Miss Campus

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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Miss Campus

    Date of Encounter:
    End of June

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    ¥5000 with mailmag

    Walk in

    Language Notes:

    Details of the Encounter:
    It’s the fourth year anniversary of Miss Campus, and while I was originally in town for some work, I checked my spam folder “just to see” and saw that an uncommon selection of tall women would be working/debuting today.

    Natsu just recently started, and she’s a bit young, but a nice person. She has a very tight body, but she’s not a skinny person. No profile with pics, but some blog posts here and there:

    Today everyone was nominally in a dress, but hers was a very simple affair. I don’t think you’re reading this for her style points, so I’ll just say she’s a cute girl, and more receptive than aggressive. Nice butt, firm chest, good personality; cool. She seemed a little bit of unsure of herself on how to pump her thighs to ride your crotch, and that’s probably just a case of big dude in a small booth or being new, but B+ for effort at least.

    I saw Fuyumi’s legs from across the way; normally if I look to my left to right, I see heels and ankles on dudes’ laps, but Fuyumi was sitting side, with her notable features on display.

    Pretty sure she’ll go very far with most people here; a very cute/kawaii face, and an elongated body that’s actually not all that much heavier from other girls. If there are dudes who are unsure about girls who are taller than them, or larger than the as well I guess, I doubt you’ll be intimidated.

    Wow. Karin was done up beautifully; nice hair, nice makeup, enough jewelry to change the atmosphere, and she is stacked. She does have a considerable chest, in hindsight I realize she’s one of the more buxom women there today, but she also has a super cute face, big lips, passionate kisser, uses her fingers well to hold you and communicate how she is feeling but most strikingly ... straight up Chun-Li thighs and butt. This isn’t even a great picture but here’s your woman:

    She was her basketball team’s center, and it shows. She’s not flexing or doing a lightning-kick in either of those photos, but she has absolutely solid legs and has a line of definition down the tops of her thighs.

    I felt like a dog that finally caught a car and had no idea what to do next, and was prepared to ask for an extension and make the most of a fabulous, receptive and truly flawless (for my tastes woman.) I mean this in the nicest way, but I worked her over, with one hand behind her back and neck to support her as I kissed her from neck to navel; I showed her the physical expression of lust I wish to experience when dreams come true. She was into it, but honestly my mind was blown. The dude came over to wave her off, but it wasn’t actually time yet? As a result, requesting her would also induce a shimei (request) fee as well as the extension fee. I just said that I’ll be back soon as time was the one thing I forgot to put in my wallet.


    It was like seeing a second sun rise. I just had this wonderful, tall creature come down from heaven, and then Riwa (swore she said Riva but two places say Riwa). Her body is just made out of sex; she has a very significant feature and great skin; I would later see that she is ranked as #1, and while I’m not a fan of ranking or comparing people (as each circumstance is different), she totally brought the body, attitude, and overall service of someone who is ”ranked #1” in an already remarkable group. She wore a pink dress, tons of actual cleavage and legs, flopped herself sideways on my lap, and the laughs and DFK started from there. Seriously, if she turns out to be some AV star that’s popular with the western crowd, it would not surprise me. If she weren’t so much fun, she could be like, intimidating, but nope she’s just super hot and super rad. There’s another few pictures in her blog.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    I’ve never been as tempted as this time to like, telepathically ask them if they’d be game for something more, as that’s not really the last thing I want to remember about this place. I did end up going downstairs to maru no uchi immediately after this; but it’s got nothing on this particular set.
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    The difference between the top girls and the norm in these establishments is huge, isn't it?

    I just can't get those people that just bounce from one free set to the next and don't cultivate the top talent.

    And your instincts were probably right. They've probably gotten requests for far worse. My experience with this chain is that an encho further and they might be making the suggestion to you. There are some very naughty girls working in this group.
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