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    As I was saying in Tokyo Gym thread a couple of months ago I need to get a good tan thinking towards the Body Building competition. I had for the first time in my life entered a "Tanning Bed" and today I spent 2 hours at the local swimming pool for more color.

    I was afraid of the machine but my first 10 minutes session wasnt so scary after all. I had a wound in my left leg, I was talking to a studio instructor when people started walking between us so I made a few steps back and got rubbed by a tredmil? トレッドミル machine that took some of my skin...so I was worried if the tanning machine light would cause my wound to hurt more...luckily Im fine.

    A gym intructor told me a position to get color on body parts where sun usually doesnt hit much but that has caused other areas not to get the same color... My tournament is at the end of this month...and most weekends are rainy or cloudy... I never before needed the sun so much...
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