TapaTalk Users & Blackberry Devices (7/3/11)

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    Presently, the Tokyo Adult Guide allows mobile application access via the following applications:

    - Tapatalk
    - ForumRunner

    Both above the above applications support various selected mobile devices and smart phones.

    Recently, the makers of TapaTalk have released a Blackberry version of their application.

    This has been a long awaited application for all of those business travelers that rely on their trusty Blackberry devices.

    Statistically, Android and iOS (Apple) device are the most heavily used devices used to access the Tokyo Adult Guide. We now hope to include more users from the Blackberry family, offering a clean, mobile access platform.

    For a low price, mobile device users can purchase one application and have access to thousands of other forums in addition to the Tokyo Adult Guide!

    Disclaimer: The Tokyo Adult Guide does not have any sort of financial agreement or any sort of operational contract with the makers of the aforementioned applications. We do not provide support for the applications installed on your devices.

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