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NH The session that overstayed its welcome - greenhorn at Hime.Love - Ayano


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May 23, 2024
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The session that overstayed its welcome - greenhorn at Hime.Love - Ayano

Service Name:
Hime love - Free course 80 minutes

Provider Name:

Website/Contact Info:

Appointment Length & Costs:
20.000 yen 80 minutes

Booking Method:
Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Incall Provider Hotel/Residence

Language Notes:
English/Japanese Mix

Narrative of the Encounter:
As a continuation on my very longwinded first review 'a confusing introduction to a newhalf and otokonoko'
I tried a longer course with one cast which was once again a roll the dice option (free course).

Reservation a day before with web contact form, no issues quick respons via email that my time and course would be ok.

As i already knew were the location was they sent me the appartment number instead of picking me up. Which went smooth.

Ringed the bell and the door went open: it was Ayano.

Her pictures arent the most flattering on the website so i wasn't wishing for her, but real life she was maybe even a tad better looking, although still very much boyish.

I tried checking if she could speak some English but it was very very minimal. Apart from some basics and one question where i am from, she couldn't handle much else. I tried some very basic Japanese and signs to guide her in this session.

We skipped brushing our teeth for some reason and went into the shower
immediately (but both our breaths were Ok so maybe she smelt it?).
Not much happening in the shower but some fondling. After that we went to the bed quick.

I am going to be brief. She was the most green one of the three (Mizuki and Konoka) i have had at atm. I do like that she seems to be very sensitive in the nipple play department and she can get hard when excited .The sad thing was however that she was in all ways the lesser player of the previous two. We went for AF after around 10min fondling, kissing, sucking. But her stamina and mine + awkward positions made me go back to 69 and ultimately her sucking, stroking and kissing for the remainder of the session. She really tried to stroke and suck allot,but her technique just wasn't rough enough for me. I think after 30-40 minutes the real excitement in the session was pretty much over already, but we just continued. I even tried to gesture and say 'harder/more/stronger' with her techniques.

Mediocre otokonoko looks+starter techniques just didn't cut it for me, i will give props to Ayano sucking and stroking for (too) long and still trying, but my death grip syndrome dick just wasn't impressed. It was hard throughout the entire session though.

I could have known that Hime.Love management would send one of their greenhorns in (when they are normally scheduled) that are cheaper than the standard casts when directly asked for in your reservation. I thought i mitigated it by making a reservation exceeding the work time of certain cast (including Ayano), but i guess management did ask them to extend their work hours by half an hour for my free course option.

Overall very standard but still serviced till the end of my 80min session.

Review Independence: Was this review requested by the provider or service?:
No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will not Repeat.

Closing Comments:
This might just be very personal and due to my 'condition', but while it started out ok, this became a dragged out sorry excuse for a session.

Ayano kept going but she (probably) and me after 40 minutes were just wondering i i ever was going to orgasm. Still props for pulling (lol) through. Maybe she will become of the greater ones one day, but for now she ain't it.

Service of Hime.Love via website and email was very smooth in English this time.
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