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The worst experience ever...because of my phone


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Jan 2, 2010
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This story is a chain of coincidences that led to the worst night ever, not because of the girl, but because of my phone.

I think it is important for me to explain that I'm not really technical savvy, and I recently switched from my old "keitai" to a touch phone (android).

Long story short, I had an appointment today with a girl from nasty dolls (won't say who, it's unrelated to the problem).
She was running late, so I had my phone in my hand, waiting for a call from Nasty dolls, or anything.

In the end, she came to the meeting point, I put the phone in my bag, and we went to the hotel.
Halfway during our "stuff", she wanted to had a break, and noticed that my phone was turned on... she got curious, and realized the f#cking device had been filming us for the entire session.

The only thing I can imagine is that the camera started when I put the f#cker in my bag at the moment she came to the meeting point.

The whole thing, including how my phone was put in my bag (I put it in the front pocket to be able to answer the phone quickly), looked like a freaking set up, and made me look like some kind of pervert.

We ended up deleting the video (which took a while, as I said I'm not very good with these things), and the date was obviously over because neither of us were in the mood anymore.

I could forget the whole story and not talk about it, but in a way it's so hilarious and sad at the same time that I have to talk about it somewhere.

I kinda hope that Nasty Dolls owners see this message. I've been a good client of both them and Asian mystique for more than a year now, never had a problem, so I'm really sorry for that and I hope it won't bring trouble to an already difficult market :(

I guess the lesson for me here is "always turn off your effing phone when you're dealing with that kind of thing..."

Anyways, this is both an embarrassing and funny story, I guess it deserved to be told.

Edit: on an unrelated note, the girls from ND know my name an my country without me telling them. My conclusion is that ND is keeping some information related to me attached to my phone number. They probably do that to make it easier for appointments, but I'd rather have them not do that. I'm pretty sure AM don't do that, and I prefer it that way.
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Ok, dude, no offense, but I find this hard to believe.
It takes a bit of preparation to set up a camera in order to film something decent. You can't just happen to "put it in your bag" and conveniently point at the bed in the right angle.
If you really just put it in your bag, them most likely you taped a part of the ceiling, it all black. In any case, asking the girl to check the video would have clear it out. Not to mention that the video would probably show if you really just "put it in your bag" or intentionally positioned it.