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Theme Clubs


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Mar 8, 2011
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anybody knows anything about "theme clubs/Image Clubs"?
It sounds like one of the craziest things to do around here... but I don't know much about it, specially about where gaijin are admitted.
I don't speak any Japanese, I am working on it... I know it's important and I am really working hard, but for the mean time..

Thank you all!
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My gf would like to see amateur strip clubs. i might convince her to try. Does anyone know of such a place?

I'm surprised I can't find any info on this at the Tokyo Adult Guide. I am also very curious about foreigner friendly theme and image options. I understand there are some places which let the guy simulate molesting a woman on a train...As a guy who prefers doms, I'm particularly wondering if there are any places that would let me experience a reverse molestation instead. I've seen at least one reverse molestation porn video which I think took place in a theme club.