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Apr 5, 2014
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Guys, when i'm watching japanese AV
I found they are doing this kind of scenario
They go in the store then he got some girl to take care of him inside
Then the girl help him to take a bath but the girl is half nude
Then massage him
Then earpick him
Then they have sex

What kind of service is this?
I mean what is this place called for??
Soapland? brothel? Or adult bath? I need to know how to find this place
From your description it sounds like a soapland, although there's not generally a 'massage' involved, its more body-t0-body bathing.
^ nvm i finally know the answer , "sauna ladies" i wonder where i can find them
^ because that's the tag in porn sites
But really i cant find sauna ladies in website
I'm giving up on knowing
if it isnt soapland then chances are its just another scene on a porn movie.
the things u see on Japanese porn doesnt really mean thats such establishments exist.

i for once was intrigue on a onsen brothel. u know where its a regular onsen on the mountains but
the cartakers/maid whatever u call them provide u with special services like taking a bath with you,
drinking together and of course u get to bang them.
saw them first on mangas and was really frustrated figuring out if it was real. lost all hope and gave up.
then i had a chance to meet an old Japanese guy(sorry for the word) we met in a bar and like all guys
we end up talking about sex/sex establishments of our countries, it was fun, learned a lot.
he then explained to me that the onsen brothel i was talking about does not exist
although certain onsens owners hire special girls for special guests to spend time with them in the onsen.
they wear the same staff clothes provide normal services
entertain the customers(most girls they hire work in night clubs) and so on and so forth.

anyway, maybe one day ull find out what ur looking for.