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Aug 17, 2012
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I am fairly new to TAG and just want to say hello to all of you.

Can anyone tell me whether girls working in clubs and pubs can go out with customers and if yes how they charge I mean both the club/pub and the girl?

I've been to the Tokyo Girls Bar where they have a 'cover charge' of some 3000 for 40 minutes, I have to pay for my drinks and the girls' drinks but I don' speak Japanese so I was unable to do anything.

Any advice?
To my knowledge, Japan isn't a place where they have those sorts of clubs where you can 'bar fine' girls.

Girls Bars and other hostess bars are generally places where you go and just talk to women and they flatter you. The main difference between a hostess bar and a girls bar is that they came up with the innovation where the girl serves you drinks from behind the counter so that they don't have to follow fuzoku rules and have to close at midnight. Yes, some girls might sleep with their customers, but that isn't standard practice and you shouldn't expect it.

The closest thing you'll get to a place where you can 'bar fine' a girl is a deai kissa or 'date coffee shop' which is going in, seeing a number of girls behind a one way mirror, paying the shop a certain amount (usually thousands of yen) to either enter the shop, or to talk to a girl, and then negotiating with the the girl. All of which requires Japanese language skills, as you can imagine.

There's plenty of other shops in the universe of Japanese P4P that are either somewhat open to foreigners or wide open to foreigners- read the forums here for info on those, and frankly its not too tough to pick up Japanese 'civilian' girls in bars, either. Good luck.
It is very kind of you, Meiji, for the detailed info - now I know 'Bob is your uncle' (an Australian slang means I learn something new today). Can you suggest a few bars that I can try my luck? preferably around Yurakucho JR Station? Thanks, once again.
In terms of bars to pick up 'civilians', probably go with the west-themed bars like The Hub, Hobgoblin, Dubliners, etc. Every time I've gone in there recently I've met a few Japanese women looking to practice their English (although my pickup skills aren't that great, so it hasn't led to much). I think there's a Hub near Yurakucho station, but I'm not sure about other western-themed bars.

There's also bars in Roppongi which are well-known for women looking for white guys, like Gas Panic. I haven't spent any time at those bars, so I can't provide much in the way of first hand info.
Good luck.
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