Osaka Area Tobita Shinshi - great experience for first timer

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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Tobita Shinchi main road, left side comig from the shopping street

    Date of Encounter:
    Mai 13, 2018

    Contact Method:
    Got called by mamasan and walked in

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    30 min 22000¥

    At the shop

    Language Notes:
    basic Japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    Have been lurking here for a some months now, so it‘s time for my first review now.

    I was on vacation in Japan for 10 days. On the first day I have visited Tobita Shinchi in Osaka after reading some reviews. Didn‘t really have the intention to take the service on that day and eventually didn‘t do it. I was surprised how cute and charming the girls there are though. Gotta say they really know how to lure you in.

    On my last day I returned to Tobita thinking:“ You‘ll leave Japan tomorrow. The next chance will come in a couple of months so why not take it now.“ Went to a 7/11 to pick up the cash and went to Tobita. The way isn‘t obvious, but not hard to find either. Take off the train at Dobutsuenmae (動物園前), take the southern exit and walk direction south. After 3-4 minutes you‘ll see a roofed shopping street on the left side. follow it and you are there.

    It was raining cats and dogs so the business seemed to be not the best. Streets were pretty empty.
    Took a walk around and checked out the girls. As i‘m an european caucasian male, only some shops are available for me. Some mamasan will call out for you, some won’t. I would guess the ratio was about 50/50 or 60/50 towards possible for me. The girls will also signal you if you have a chance or not. Some smiled and waved at japanese guys in front of me and turned their heads away when I watched their faces. I didn‘t take it seriously. Maybe they don‘t like gaijins or they are just scared because they can’t speak english. Japanese people seem to think gaijins can only speak english. I notice time and time again how they are surprised when you speak japanese with them. Anyone else?

    On my first round I saw two girls who got my attention, one with a sailor uniform and one in a miko dress, both with black straight hair (Classic japanese beauty, my type). Decided to take a second round to compare them. The sailor uniform one was gone so I’ve checked the miko one again. Mamasan called me immediatly again as she remembered me and I went in.
    As it was my first time, I asked for the price for 30 minutes. She answered 22000¥ and showed me her price list (did the price change or does it vary between shops?). I agreed and wanted to pay upfront when she said you can pay upstairs. Conversation was in japanese. Mamasan aswell as the girl gave me the typical „日本語が上手ですね“( your japanese is great) as if i would be speaking fluently.
    Anyways, took of my shoes off, used the slippers and went upstairs, the girl followed me. Was guided to the room and sat down on the pillow on the floor. The girl got the tea and snacks. When she returned i noted that it‘s my first time at Tobita Shinchi and in Japan. She giggled and said it‘s fine. When i saw her up close, I was glad about my decision. She looked even better than I thought. As I mentioned she had black straight hair, long should be noted and a very pretty face. The miko clothes where perfectly fitting. I could have seen her sitting at a shrine selling charms. Only some wounds on her arm were there.
    We had a short conversation, told her she was really cute. She said I‘m attractive too. We were surprised that we had the same age (she is 25). She was really nice and calmed me as I was a little nervous. Later I noticed that I didn‘t even ask for her name.

    Time for the actual service. She cleaned the D with wet tissues and got the condom followed by a great cbj. Didn‘t take long for me to get ready for the real deal. Asked her if kissing was ok as I didn’t recall it from the reviews anymore. Answer was a polite:“Sorry that is not possible“. I thanked her anyways and said it was ok. She used some lotion on me and asked how we should start. I asked her to mount me and she gladly did so. Awesome technique I’ve got to say with my limited experience. Asked for several changes of position.
    Typical japanese moaning. I can see how some people have a problem with it but that didn’t bother me as i like it. Definately prefer it over the western „ohh yeah, oh yeah“.
    Finished while she was mounting me again. We giggled about it when she said that i came. She cleaned me up and cleaned the room. As I’ve started sweating she handed me a towel and offered me another glass of tea. Had a really nice conversation with her, it seemed she had fun too. Usually I finish fast so we had around 5-6 minutes left until the bell rang. Took the lollipop and went downstairs. I felt very welcome when they acted worried about me too. asked me several times wether I have an umbreller or not. Had a short conversation with her and mamasan downstairs and left very satisfied.

    I want to appologize for mistakes, as I’m german and english isn‘t my native language aswell as that my review is such a wall of text. I might have overdone it with the details.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Great first experience! Will come back here on my next trip for sure. Will also keep an eye out for that girl again and ask her for her name if I can encounter her again.
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    Good to hear Tobita is still somewhat gaijin friendly, will be hitting it up next Sunday for the first time hopefully.
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    Very interesting place indeed and nice review. I was there about two years ago, had a great time and never felt unwelcome.

    Looking forward to going again this year!
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    I've been to Osaka, but never visited Tobita. I've been curious about this place, although it does seem a bit too "wham bam thank you maam" for my liking. But I'd be interested just to see it even if I didn't take part.
    Nice review! And your English is good, no worries at all!

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