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Aug 2, 2011
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Hey Folks,

I have been to Japan earlier but always with business colleagues. This will be the first time I will travel alone for 7 days in and around Tokyo primarily. I went through the forum posts and thank you all for your contributions. I have few questions, and need some recommendations as well.

Time: I read in one of the posts that some businesses close early. Would Sunday evening (5-9pm) be good to stroll around and visit some massage places? How about Friday evening and Saturday morning (9-11a)?

Safety: Is it safe to carry your laptop bags and passports along with me? This would be very risky in some of the south-east asian countries. If it is safe, then I can directly go there after business, and not drop my bag at hotel first and save time!

I want to try the massage early in the week (preferably sunday or monday evening), and later go for soapland on Friday. A little ambitious for first timer, but I will see what feels comfortable and proceed accordingly. I do not want outcall at my hotel in any case. And the idea of meeting a hostess and going to love hotel is little too much for first time.

So, I need recommendations around Tokyo central area for ganjin who does not speak Japanese

1. Massage etc. - closest and easiest near Tokyo central area? I see Kawasaki is about 45 mins south, Rappo/Shinjuku are closer.
2. Soapland - I will stick with King's Club I guess. WW and others have posted excellent directions and other details.

I will write my experience in detail when I return :) Also, if you want me to check out any places in the above two locations, do let me know. Finally, if someone plans to be there in Tokyo in late August, holler back!

Thank you all!