Tokyo depravity index


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Jan 17, 2016
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Found this site that ranks neighborhoods around Tokyo stations according to a few factors, the most interesting being "depravity." You can set your desired depravity score, and will map the most depraved neighborhoods.

1. Depravity score for Kawasaki is highly accurate. Right south of the station is a den of iniquity.
2. On that same site it features a search for ethnic food? Is it because ethnic food "stinks?"
Dude that area was quite all right before you started going there. 😜
I followed the advice of a certain Pasante King...and laid waste to my enemies.
(More like semen in their orifices, but what I said earlier sounds way cooler, so...)
To my astonishement, Kamata outranks Gotanda in depravity by a few points. Maybe knows something I don't.

At least more pink salons in Kamata than in Gotanda.
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A few observations:

1. Is that map totally missing YYoshiwara?
2. Nakano has fureai-doori which has kyaba but it is by no means a fuuzoku paradise. Even Kichijouji has a soapland.
3. Ikebukuro needs a few more markers; its just as bad as Gotanda IMO.
I was also surprised that Ikebukuro has so little markers and Yoshiwara has none at all. What is marked there?

Lol, but if you dial up depravity to "vile" only Ikebukuro and Kawasaki are left...that seems about right :LOL:
Looks like the marker is tied to train stations, so that’s why yoshiwara’s surrounding stations are marked.
"If depravity is everywhere, then depravity is nowhere." - Syndrome I think.