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Tokyo Escort Misa Wow!! I Found These Reviews And Comments

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this sounds like a self post to me... please we don't want referrals or random she's (or I'm) so great praises.
just personal reviews of your mongering experience if you are a real monger. thank you!
I have merged these threads together for the moment, but there might be additional action taken.

Please do not spam forums with the same topic repeatedly. It's annoying, in cases like this it makes you look like a shill and not someone genuinely providing an honest viewpoint, and most importantly from the reviewer's perspective and the provider's perspective:

Repeated posts like this make the provider look really bad.

If you saw magic when she took off her clothes, we want to hear all about it. Post a nice long review with as many details as are appropriate. But please don't be disruptive, and if you are a shill or a self-poster, please post honestly. Guys that have been in the hobby long enough can smell fake advertising from a mile away. Remember, there IS a Classified Ads section where women can post their availability and website. If the provider in question is out there, she can feel free to create her own account and post there.

Earlier this year, that same glowing review that is pasted in above was posted on this site by a one-poster. It does not sound like it was written by a man.
I smell the bull shit here. I'm officially calling shenanigans !!!

I'm not going to knock your enthusiasm for Misa, but as other posters have mentioned, it really looks like just a ad or self-promotion. A regular review is much more respected and expected from regular members.

For our other members, nothing was detected to say that this person is connected to Misa or other accounts although it does smell suspicious. In all honesty, this thread wont' really benefit anyone so I will let it stand and let the members speak on the record.

Contact me by private conversation if anyone has any concerns.
We've actually received confirmation that the OP of this thread is connected to Misa as her manager or website operator. However, we do not believe that this was Misa herself nor do we have evidence suggesting that she authorized or is aware of these postings:

Note to Misa: Fire your manager or whomever this is. He's going to ruin your business and reputation.

I'm in the process of cleaning up this thread and locking it.
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