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IND Tokyo Melty Kiss - Manami (12/2009)


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Jan 10, 2010
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This is review two of two that I had planned to post today. Once again, this encounter happened in December 2009. I do apologize for the age of this report, but I hope it will be helpful to someone out there.

This is review is about Manami, known as an independent escort in Tokyo with her own website. I think it would be fair for everyone to know that this is the same Manami that used to be with Asian Mystqiue in 2008.

To start of with, Manami has always been a favorite and the reason why is simple: Every time I see her, I forget that I'm paying for her time. Because she's fluent in English, it's great to be able to talk to her directly and she actually understands. (I realize it's Japan and they speak Japanese)

I met Manami at my hotel in Shinjuku before she went on a long holiday in December. I usually let her come to my hotel, she's always dressed very nicely and you would never know what she does for a living. She arrived on-time as usual and she was very polite and yet direct to the point of her visit.

The visit started off with a visit to the shower and getting all cleaned up, Manami of course getting right into it and not wasting any of the valuable time that I had paid for. As mentioned previously in Ai's review, there are a very few who can give a blowjob properly. Manami is easily in the top 5 of the people I know that can do so. Her oral work is incredible and I love how she can unroll a condom on me and I not even know it.

Dressed in her birthday suit, she finished me off with her wonderful oral work and then cleaned me up a bit. Next, I crawled down below to seek some of that cleanly shaved pussy of hers. Anyone ever notice how Asian girls just 'taste good'? Maybe it's the diet... Manami certainly tastes good and I enjoyed every minute of it just as she probably did.

After she and I both recovered from that workout, I was ready again. So, she gets me ready with her wonderful hands and gets me covered again before jumping on me like she's riding a horse. She rides away for about 10-15 minutes before I finally pop for the final time that evening. I absolutely love watching her breasts move and the noises she makes!

For an overall opinion of this visit: 9/10 - Her personality, body and performance all rate 9/10. Her breasts are natural and they are not saggy, not to mention her nipples, excellent. I can't say that she really needs improvement at all, my personal preference is just not Asian and it's hard to compare fairly after living in LA for so long. Same applies here as what I said about Ai earlier.

You cannot go wrong with Manami - the only recommendation I make is: Schedule in advance and contact her by email. It's hard to get her on weekends on short notice. If you schedule in Advance, that appears to be the best plan. Also, shoot for 90 minutes, that is a perfect amount of time with her.

Good luck to anyone who reads this!
Mark, did you schedule in advance? If so, how far in advance?

I'm sorry, I did not see this reply earlier. I scheduled two days in advance via email.
I have had Manami several times, always a delight. Last time she brought one of her friend and had fun at 3. I was exhausted as her friend was as active as Manami. They performed a nice ladies show (Manami is bi). Donation are still very reasonable as it is 2 X single girl, no addition.

Manami is one of the best girl in Tokyo