Tokyo Melty Kiss: Manami's Vacation


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Sep 11, 2009
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Manami has updated her site today:

Manami's Website said:
Update: October 20, 2009 - 22:00 (JST) : Manami's Vacation Schedule
Manami will be taking a vacation period from November 18-22. During this time period, no phone calls will be answered. Clients may send email requests, but please note that no responses to will be made until November 23rd. It's possible that you may get an automated reply indicating Manami is on vacation. All voice messages and emails will be answered in the order received, starting on November 23rd. Manami would like to thank everyone in advance for their patience during this vacation period.

We need someone to post an updated review on Manami, we don't have anything new on her as of yet.
Late update on this:

Manami has not been working lately due to a dental problem, as noted on her wesbsite. She's expected to be back for a few days before leaving Japan for her already scheduled vacation. Her website hasn't been updated yet; but she's accepting appointments again.

An updated review would be appreciated from someone.
Manami's officially on vacation now - per her website.

I was told in a previous email that she'll be updating the image gallery on her website in the next few days. Well, she's not doing it, but her website manager is. We'll be checking for new updates from her site over the weekend.
Re: Tokyo Melty Kiss: Manami's Vacation [Updated 11/30/09]

From Manami's Site:

Manami's News said:
Update: November 22, 2009 - 01:45 (JST) : Manami's Extended Vacation (12/11/09 - 01/11/10)
Manami will be undergoing oral surgery during the month of December to remove problem wisdom teeth. This time will allow her to have the surgery and have plenty of recovery time. The large amount of time off, is in the best interest of Manami and her clients. Thus allowing enough time for her wounds to heal before taking appointments again. Manami greatly appreciates your patience and understanding during this time off. *NOTE: If you already have an appointment scheduled prior to 12/11/09, these appointment are still on-schedule. Apologies if there was any confusion! Manami will be back on a normal schedule from 1/12/2010.

Sorry I didn't post this sooner.
Update for Manami:

We have re-confirmed with Manami that she will begin her service again on 1/12/10 as her website states. She is recovering as expected from her wisdom tooth removal.

She noted that if you would like an appointment on or after the 12th, please contact her through her website. There are a few days in January that are already fully booked in advance.

There will be a new option for Manami on her website: As of January, for 10,0000 YEN you can book Manami with you and your girlfriend/wife for a threesome. This will be listed on her "System" page in the Optional Services section after the new year.

That's all we have for Manami today.